Netskope Help

Network Steering

The Network Steering page provides information about all the IPSec and GRE tunnels in your infrastructure. These tunnels steer HTTP and HTTPS traffic from SaaS apps to the Netskope cloud.

Global Tunnel Map

The Global Tunnel Map displays all the IPSec and GRE tunnels in your network. Using the map, you can immediately see the number of tunnels in any geographic region. Each green circle indicates the Netskope POP to which the tenant sends IPSec or GRE traffic. Larger circles indicate a greater number of unique tunnels sending traffic to the specific POP. When you mouseover the green circles, you can see the name of the POP to which the tunnel is sending traffic, and the number of unique tunnels.

Tunnel Status

The IPSec and GRE Tunnel Status widgets display the near real-time status of all tunnels configured to send traffic for the tenant. The widgets display the timestamp for when the UP or DOWN tunnel event was observed.

Tunnel Throughput

The IPsec and GRE Tunnel Throughput widgets display the average throughput observed for each tunnel. The average throughput for each tunnel is computed based on the traffic forwarded over it at 5-minute intervals.