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Netskope Help

New Features and Enhancements for On-Premises Appliance Version 93.0.0

Cloud Features supported on DPoP

The following cloud features are extended to appliances configured in DPoP mode.

  • Enhanced Custom URL list

  • HTTP2

  • Policy lookup based on telemetry app and referrer

  • Non-standard port

  • SAML forward proxy auth for explicit proxy

  • HTTP header policies

  • SSL decryption by apps and app suites

  • DLP timeout on exceptions

  • TSS on browse

Enable SAML Authentication on DPoP Appliance

You can now enable SAML authentication on a DPoP appliance configured in explicit proxy mode to utilize your existing IdP deployment. Run the following commands in the CLI of the DPoP appliance to enable SAML authentication.

set dataplane proxy-mode explicit saml-auth enable true

To learn more: Enable SAML Authentication on DPoP Appliance

Upstream proxy authentication for appliances in OPLP and CDPP modes

You can set up basic proxy authentication to manage the traffic from an appliance in OPLP and CDPP modes to your upstream proxy server. Run the following commands.

set management-plane upstream-proxy-server username <user-name>
set management-plane upstream-proxy-server password <password>

To learn more: Configure an Upstream Proxy.

Updated MIB file

The MIB file to configure SNMP is updated to make it compatible with the MIB browser.