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New Features And Enhancements In Release 89.0.0

Here is the list of the new features and enhancements.



Detailed Description and Benefits

API Protection

Dropbox token format change

Earlier this year, Dropbox notified their customers and integration partners (like Netskope) that they will enforce changes to their authentication token flow.

This change adds support for the new authentication flow. This does not affect new customers setting up Dropbox integrations, but existing customers who have previously used tokens with an expiry period may have to regrant their Dropbox app access when such tokens expire.

CASB Inline Protection

Yahoo mail functionality support enhancements

We have added new activity for "viewing" a file from attachments of the mail, for Yahoo mail. This activity displays as a "Preview" activity.

CASB Inline Protection

DLP for "Send" activity

With this release, we are adding DLP for the "Send" activity in Google Drive.

CASB Inline Protection

Connector Coverage Expansion

Inline CASB for AWS is now enhanced to provide broader service coverage and enrichment of inline events with the account ID.

Data Protection

New ML based text and image classifiers for DLP profiles

This release makes available new ML based text and image classifiers for use in DLP profiles.

Text based:

  • Medical Form

  • Loan Agreement

  • Loan Application

Image based:

  • Medical Image

Data Protection

New DLP entities

With this release, we have added the following new DLP predefined entities:

  • Taxpayer ID for France and Hungary

  • Driver License number for Czech Republic, Estonia, Portugal, and Romania

Data Protection

Predefined data identifiers for regional tax IDs

Predefined data identifiers for regional tax IDs are added for the following countries:

  • Guatemala (NIT)

  • India (GSTIN)

  • Italy (Codice Fiscale)

  • Argentina (CUIT/CUIL)

  • Spain (NIF)

Data Protection

Support for additional file types for DLP content inspection

In this release Apache Parquet and Apache Avro files are now also supported for DLP content inspection.

Data Protection

Support for additional file types for DLP file filter

In this release several additional file types are supported for DLP file filter.

These file types include Adobe Photoshop and Premier files, audio, as well as a number of image and video container files.

Additionally, support for Apache ORC and Netskope Encrypted File is included in this release.

Directory Services

Netskope Adapters

The Netskope Adapter (NS Adapter) has been tested to ensure compatibility with the current cloud platform. Its version number has been updated to confirm this compatibility. No other changes have been made to the NS Adapter in this release.

Netskope for IaaS

New predefined rules

With this release, Security Posture includes new predefined rules for Amazon EKS.

Netskope for IaaS

Updated threat feeds with malicious domains and URLs detected in deep scan

This feature updates Netskope Threat Intel with domains and URLs collected from Netskope deep scan engines.

These IOCs (indicators of compromise) are curated as part of Netskope Threat Intel along with malware file hashes and enabled to block malicious destinations inline with fast scan.

Contact Support to enable this feature in your account.

Netskope for IaaS

AWS Best Practices profile update

The AWS Best Practices profile for Cloud Security Posture now includes rules to ensure your Elastic Kubernetes Service clusters are secure.

Netskope for IaaS

Azure Virtual Machine DOM update

Now Azure Virtual Machine DOM has information about subnets in which the VM is available with route table information for the associated subnet.

Netskope for IaaS

AWS GuardDuty update

Cloud Security Posture now includes AWS GuardDuty and you can define rules that check that GuardDuty is enabled.


CCI page update

Starting with release 89, the Business Risk section in the CCI page is now deprecated.

Threat Protection

Simplified CTEP UI

The simplified UI for CTEP allows the policy to automatically use the default CTEP profile. This enhancement removes the complexity to create and clone signature profiles.

Signature curation is simplified to disable signatures or create action overrides for signatures in the CTEP Settings.

You also can use the quick actions in Alerts for signature whitelisting to reduce false positives.

Contact Support to enable this feature in your account.