New Features And Enhancements In Release 97.0.0

New Features And Enhancements In Release 97.0.0

Here is the list of the new features and enhancements.

API Data Protection
Slack Enterprise Mail Notifications

Netskope API Data Protection can now scan Slack Enterprise direct and channel messages for DLP when sent via the Slack email app. Netskope scans the body of the email only.

ServiceNow San Diego Release Qualification

Netskope API Data Protection has now validated support up till ServiceNow San Diego release.

Behavior Analytics
User Behavior Analytics (UBA) Shared Credentials Policy

Standard UBA shared credentials policy allows username exceptions to prevent alerts from legitimate credential reuse by multiple users.

CASB Real-time Protection
Google Drive Activity Support

You can now view, edit and download publicly shared Google Drive documents without sign in. Instance_id helps to identify these activities as public-link if the user fails to sign in.

Slack Share Activity Integration With Google Drive

The Slack application now supports Google Drive file sharing. When a file is shared Slack prompts to edit share permission and a Share event is generated for every file share.

Google Meet Instance_id Update

Instance_id is captured as Unauthenticated on logging into the Google Meet application without sign in. Earlier it was captured as public.

Preview Activity And Admin Access Support

Netskope supports Preview activity in the SuccessFactors application as part of Print Preview for Manage Permission Groups and, Manage Permission Roles module. Admin access activities can be previewed based on admin roles and groups. Now you can can configure policies in real-time based on Preview activity.

Support is introduced for Admin access for the following modules:

  • Import Development Goals
  • Employee Delta Export
  • Import Foundation Data
  • Manage Permission Groups
  • Manage Permission Roles
  • Manage Role-Based Permission Access
  • Security Permission Reports
  • View User Permission
  • Employee Export
  • Export extended user information
  • Import Employee data
  • Import extended user information
Global Mail eXchange (GMX) Support

GMX Create supports create file and folder activity to create a file or folder in GMX Cloud while Delete supports deleting files from GMX Cloud.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) Access Denied Activity

Netskope discontinues support for Access Denied activity in the Amazon S3 application due to insufficient hits and use cases.

Google Accounts Instance Identification
  • Google Workspace Application is renamed to Google Accounts.
  • Supports instance identification for all authentication traffic to Google Workspace Apps or Services and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

This feature is available while logging-in through Console and Command Line Interface (CLI) based on Login Domain or Service-Account.

Join Activity For iOS Google Meet

In this release, Netskope includes Join activity coverage for Google Meet iOS.

Microsoft OneNote Feed Support

This release supports the following functionalities in Microsoft OneNote Feed:

  • Create
  • Edit
  • Upload
  • Delete

DLP Inspection Support

The DLP engine inspects the data while editing the notes and taking necessary actions.


The engine does not display the file name while uploading a file. However, it displays an alert with the important details.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Browser Traffic Coverage

In this release, Netskope enhances browser traffic coverage for the following AWS applications:

  • Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR) 
  • AWS Key Management Service (Amazon KMS)
  • Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS)
  • Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Amazon Lambda

In addition to this, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) activities are mapped as follows:

Old ActivityNew Activity
TSS Engine Image File Type

UC and Web UC app connectors discontinue sending image file type to TSS Engine.

Auth Proxy Custom Block Template Support

Auth proxy supports custom block template configured using Netskope UI > Policies > User Notification.  To enable the feature, please contact Netskope Support with the template name as input.


This is currently a limited availability feature. Contact your Sales Representative or Support to enable this feature.

Gmail Connector Enhancement

Netskope supports Create Draft activity with DLP.  This feature helps to identify Data exfiltration for draft messages in Gmail.


This is currently a limited availability feature. Contact your Sales Representative or Support to enable this feature.

Classic Reports
Compromised Credentials Widget Update

Netskope enhances all widgets under Compromised Credential template with new widgets to create reports.

Cloud Confidence Index (CCI)
Application Category Modifications

With this release, Netskope updates application category for:

  • Bing Translator application from Consumer to Translation.
  • Google Groups application from Social to Forums.
  • Blogger application from Consumer to Personal Sites& Blogs.
  • WordPress application from IaaS/PaaS to Web Hosting, ISP & Telco.
Application Name Update

Netskope updates the following application names.


This change does not impact the existing policies.

Old Application NameNew Application Name
Microsoft Office 365 SuiteMicrosoft Office 365 Accounts
Microsoft Live SuiteMicrosoft Live Accounts
Yahoo App SuiteYahoo Accounts
Adobe App SuiteAdobe Accounts
Atlassian App SuiteAtlassian Accounts
ZohoZoho Accounts
37signals App Suite37signals Accounts
Yandex App SuiteYandex Accounts
Yandex Japan App SuiteYandex Japan Accounts
Citrix App SuiteCitrix Accounts
Data Protection
Naming Capability Enhancement

In this release, Netskope enhanced U.S. full name detection.

Updated Image Classification Model

Netskope updates image classification Machine Learning (ML) model to enhance accuracy in the detecting images of various classes.

German Licence Entity Validator

Netskope introduces German Driver License Number Entity that uses checksum validation to reduce false positives.

New Email DLP Variables

This release supports additional email DLP specific variables that can be referenced in email notification templates. These Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) variables include:

  • SMTP Recipients: The SMTP recipients in the To field.
  • SMTP Message ID: The message ID from the email header that uniquely identifies the email.
  • SMTP Message Size: The size of the email body.
  • Timestamp in UTC: The time in UTC format when the email was received for inspection.

These new variables enhance email DLP troubleshooting for administrators.


If the SMTP specific variables are chosen for inline proxy traffic notifications, their value will be empty. This applies to all the variable names beginning with SMTP.

To learn more: Policy Notification Templates.

Wildcard Domain Support for Email DLP

You now can use wildcards when entering domains for your email DLP configurations on the Netskope cloud instead of listing individual domains. This enhancement reduces the email DLP configuration time for admins by accepting and validating top-level domains.

To learn more: Configure Netskope SMTP Proxy with Microsoft O365 Exchange and Configure Netskope SMTP Proxy with Gmail.

Next Generation API Data Protection
Microsoft 365 Yammer

Netskope has added support to monitor users, groups, and group memberships in Microsoft 365 Yammer. To leverage this enhancement, new permissions are requested by the Netskope CASB API app.


Existing Microsoft 365 Yammer instances should be re-granted in the Netskope UI.

Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)
Newly Observed Domain (NOD) Category Support

Netskope supports newly observed domains (NOD), which capture domains observed as active in the last 30 days. Threat actors might register a domain and leave it dormant for a period of time to avoid newly registered domain (NRD) classification. Later, they can use the domain for malicious activities, such as malware hosting and phishing. Netskope doesn’t automatically categorize NRD’s and NOD’s as security risks. You must configure your policies to generate these alerts.

To learn more: Category Definitions.

User, User Group, Organizational Unit Exclusion In Real-time Protection Policies

With this release, you can exclude users, user groups, and organizational units when configuring the Source field in Real-time Protection policies.

To learn more: Real-time Protection Policies.

WebUI Non-Standard Ports

Netskope enables HTTP(S) traffic from non-standard ports (that is, any port other than 80 and 443) by default. Non-standard ports should be configured on WebUI for access methods (such as NSClient, IPsec, GRE, and so on) to forward non-standard port traffic to NSProxy.

HTTP Header Profiles

In this release, Netskope enhances the HTTP Header Profile feature with new capabilities, such as new header support, regex, and so on.

To learn more: HTTP Header Profile.


This is currently a limited availability feature. Contact your Sales Representative or Support to enable this feature.

Block WebDAV Access

Netskope Cloud Real-time Protection policies now provide access control to WebDAV traffic, by providing the ability to configure WebDAV extension methods under HTTP header profiles.

To learn more: HTTP Header Profile.


This is currently a limited availability feature. Contact your Sales Representative or Support to enable this feature.

Block Single Destination IP Addresses

Netskope supports applying SSL Do Not Decrypt policies and Real-time Protection policies based on destination IP addresses. Destination IP addresses can be configured in custom URL lists.

To learn more: URL Lists.


This is currently a limited availability feature. Contact your Sales Representative or Support to enable this feature.

Netskope SaaS Security Posture Management – New App Support
Security Posture For Workday


Security posture for Workday is in limited GA. Contact your Netskope sales representative or support to get this enabled on your tenant.

As part of the SSPM portfolio, Netskope now supports security posture for Workday.

Skope IT
Skope IT Alert Details Panel Support

Skope IT Alert Details now supports nested view for alerts generated from Advanced UEBA and IaaS storage scans.

Threat Protection
Custom Profile Hit

Netskope includes profile name detection for Custom Profile Hit on the Malware page.

To learn more: About Malware.

User Notification For CTEP Traffic

Netskope updated the CTEP user notification to display Security Threat Blocked instead of Non-Compliant Action.

To learn more: About IPS Settings.

Custom User Notification for CTEP Traffic

You now can configure custom notifications for users when they trigger a CTEP alert.

To learn more: About IPS Settings.

Traffic Steering
Android/ChromeOS Support For Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

This was earlier a beta feature . The Netskope Android App now supports SWG service. Web traffic can now be directed towards Netskope Security Cloud with this new version of Android App. Also, enhanced the domain and app bypass options.


CASB and NPA are already supported by Android App.

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