New Features and Enhancements in Version 23.09

New Features and Enhancements in Version 23.09

Here is the list of new features and enhancements released in 23.09 version.

Rebranding Netskope IoT Security to Netskope Device Intelligence

Starting 15 Sept’2023, Netskope IoT Security is rebranded as Netskope Device Intelligence. With this change, all references to “IoT Security” will be replaced with “Device Intelligence” in the product user interface and customer product documentation.

To learn more, see the Device Intelligence web page.

Site and Region Feature Enhancements

Device Intelligence Site and Region features are now separated in two different menus under Manage menu. Major changes are:


  • Site menu has SiteCreate Site and Appliances tabs now.
  • The Site tab shows a list of sites in the environment with the status as active or inactive.
  • The Create Site tab is a user editable form to create a new Local SPAN or ERSPAN site.
  • The Appliances tab shows a list of appliances in the environment with the status as active or inactive.


  • Region menu has Regions and Create Region tab.
  • The Regions tab shows a tree structure of regions and sites. The blue colored are the regions and the grey colored are the sites in the chart. You can click on the pencil when you hover over the regions to edit the regions.
  • The Create Region tab is a user editable form to create a new region.
Inventory Table Does Not Show OS Version And User

With this update, the os version and user table columns are by default now hidden columns. You can select these columns from Customise Columns option.

Device Details Page Enhancements

With this update, the Device Details page is enhanced in the Devices and Events tabs in Inventory menu. Major changes are:

  • The More Details link under the device name is now deprecated and the Alert and Bytes Received and Sent charts consolidated within the Device Details page itself.
  • The sidebar in the Device Details page are now removed.
Event Details Page Enhancement

With this update, the Event Details page is enhanced in the Events and Activities tabs in Inventory menu. Major changes are:

  • Payload decode button is added in the Event Details page which will decode the payload from base64 encoded form to plain user understandable text.
  • Removed the collapsible sections under the event details, source and destination sections on the page.
  • Added tooltips for all the properties on the page except payload field.
User Menu Enhancements

With this update, the Manage > Users menu has made UI enhancements. Major changes are:

  • The Users menu has UsersCreate Users and SSO settings tabs.
  • The Users tab shows a list of users in the environment with the roles associated with them.
  • The Create User tab is a user editable form to create a new user.
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New Features and Enhancements in Version 23.09

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