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Netskope Help

New Features And Enhancements In Version 3.2.0

Here is the list of new features and enhancements.

  • Okta plugin for Netskope Risk Exchange.

  • Microsoft Teams plugin for Netskope Ticket Orchestrator.

  • Cloud Exchange plugin for Netskope Ticket Orchestrator.

  • System status dashboard Justification.

  • Type and Justification Reason fields in Ticket Orchestrator module.

  • Selected page size would now reflect on all tables until logout.

  • All the non-Netskope plugins will now be pulled from the default plugin git repository.

  • Reorder modules and menu items.

  • Update labels on the Log Shipper dashboard ("Ingested" to "Sent to External Receiver").

  • Update log strings after date and time with the postfix "GMT" to indicate that logs are timestamped GMT versus the user's local timezone