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New Features And Enhancements In Version 3.3.1

Cloud Exchange 3.3.1 maintenance release includes several vulnerability patches to the Docker base image. To upgrade, go to Settings > General and select Check For Update. If you are still on any version prior to 3.1, upgrade to 3.3 by following instructions in Migrating from CE 2.x to CE 3.x

  • Admin is prompted for an option email address while initial installation.

  • CTO business rules Test now displays the count of deduped tickets.

  • Added search functionality for business rules.

  • Added additional columns to the business rule tables.

  • Added button for copying business rules.

  • Added between filter operator for easier filtering between two dates.

  • Most columns are now sortable.

  • Change alert related log messages to provide more information.

  • Renamed Polling Interval to Synchronize Interval.

Vulnerability Reports
  • Core: Total: 0 (UNKNOWN: 0, LOW: 0, MEDIUM: 0, HIGH: 0, CRITICAL: 0)

  • UI: Total: 2 (UNKNOWN: 0, LOW: 0, MEDIUM: 0, HIGH: 2, CRITICAL: 0)


The vulnerabilities are in the "nginx:alpine" base image.