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New Features and Enhancements May 18, 2023

The following enhancements are included in this release:

New Dashboard

The User Investigation Dashboard utilizes “User stitching” which ties together multiple user identifiers to provide a complete view of user behavior and data flow. This dashboard shows SaaS identities used by corporate users, the applications being accessed, the instances accessed, the activity performed, and any resulting policy action.

Netskope Library Dashboard Changes
  • The Insights dashboards on the Overview page now has filters defaulted to 'Collapsed' and the default time range is set to 'Last 7 Days.' Copy dashboards to a personal/group folder to modify the default time range filter.

  • The dashboard 'Cloud Risk Assessment - QBR', is changed to use 'Pivot Rank' for the widget below to accommodate accounts with large datasets.

    • Top Non Enterprise-Ready Cloud Categories by Uploads

  • The dashboard 'Category Summary', is changed to use 'Pivot Rank' for the widgets below to accommodate accounts with large datasets. 

    • Top 10 Applications by Total Bytes 

    • Top 10 Applications by # Users 

    • Top 10 Applications by # Sessions

  • The dashboard level filter 'Managed/Sanctioned Apps (Yes/No)' is modified to a single value filter type for the 'Cloud Risk Assessment - QBR:' dashboard.

  • Netskope Library widgets now have tags; this can be used to help search and filter widgets when building dashboards.