New Product Available – Remote Browser Isolation

New Product Available – Remote Browser Isolation

Netskope Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) capabilities are now integrated into the Netskope Security Cloud.


Netskope native RBI is now generally available as an add-on feature for all accounts starting with release 88. Contact your Sales representative for more information.

While legacy Secure Web Gateways (SWG) are limited in that they can only block known bad web sites and allow known good ones, RBI technology enhances the Netskope SWG by providing safe access to uncategorized and risky web sites, removing threat risks or productivity limitations that can occur for users when sites are either fully allowed or fully blocked.

Targeted RBI renders uncategorized and security-risk web sites (6-8% of all web requests) into pixel-streamed media to users while removing active scripts and potential web threats. Another key benefit of targeted RBI is to block file uploads and downloads and disable copy, paste, or print activity for uncategorized and security risk web sites to reduce data exfiltration and threat risks.

Netskope native RBI is fully integrated and invoked with an “isolate” policy control for desired web traffic, removing the complexity of forward proxy configurations.

Key functionality includes:

Integrated in Netskope’s admin console
  • “Isolate” policy control for web access real time protection policies
  • “Isolate” can be combined with other matching criteria such as users, groups, and device classification and requires no additional configuration
  • Targeted RBI: Isolation of uncategorized and security risk web sites
  • Isolation events in Skope IT
Malware protection and data exfiltration prevention
  • In-flight rendering of isolated web pages into a safe pixel streaming. No active content reaches the endpoint hardware
  • Isolation in a dedicated, isolated, and ephemeral remote browsing environment
  • Limitation of user interaction (blocking file uploads, downloads, print, copy, paste) with isolated web sites to minimize the risk of potential threats
Seamless user experience
  • Standard browsing experience for end users
  • No software or plug-ins required to be installed by users
  • Native mobile browsing experience for mobile devices
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New Product Available – Remote Browser Isolation

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