Netskope Help

Next Generation API Data Protection Platform FAQ

  1. Which applications will the new platform support at Limited Availability (LA)?

    Office 365 OneDrive for Business

  2. Is the new platform in LA only targeted to customers that only have OneDrive?

    No, the new platform is an engine upgrade for the current CASB API platform and coexistence between legacy and new platform is expected as the new platform builds app support to reach app support parity with the current platform.

  3. Will the new platform in LA have feature parity with the current CASB API platform?

    Not in LA. Capabilities such as multi-geo, Information Rights Management (IRM), or AD groups-based policies which are not widely used will not be supported by the new platform in LA, but will be added over time. The following is the list of features that are not planned for the new platform in LA:

    • AD group-based policies

    • AD group enumeration (e.g. for user count/threshold evaluation in policy wizard)

    • Multi-geo

    • RMS/IRM support

    • Encryption (native or via 3rd party) of quarantine and legal hold files

    • Block quarantined content via inline

    • Threat quarantine - Not supported as part of on-going and retroactive scans. But, can be performed manually from the Netskope UI.

    • Cross instance (across old and new platform) quarantine, legal-hold, and forensics

  4. Is there any impact on the existing quarantine, legal hold, and forensic files when moving to the Next Generation API Data Protection platform?

    No. Existing incidents and forensic files continue to get treated the same way as before.

  5. Are there functional differences between the new platform and the current CASB API platform when it comes to policy evaluation/actions?

    In this initial release, Netskope has grandfathered the current policy construct for Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive, to facilitate adoption of Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive in the new platform, while Netskope expands the coverage for supported applications.

  6. Will customers post-LA be required to set up a separate Netskope tenant?

    At LA the new platform will be available for tenants that are not already protecting OneDrive via the legacy CASB API platform. Netskope does not support concurrent use of old and new API Data Protection platform for the same app instance.

  7. How do I enable the new platform for my tenant?

    Contact Netskope support or your sales representative.