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Next Generation SaaS Security Posture Management Policy Wizard

Netskope performs continuous security assessment scans on your SaaS app accounts and resources configured in the Netskope tenant. The scans provide visibility into your resources and their security posture. The resources in the SaaS app accounts that are defined in the tenant are audited for being compliant with industry standards or best practices.

Netskope begins building an inventory within five minutes of the account configuration. Subsequently, inventory updates are run at the same frequency as the compliance assessments. At the time of the account setup, you can choose to run the compliance assessments every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes. However, rule evaluation starts once you configure a policy.

You can create security posture policies on the cloud apps that are successfully integrated with Netskope. A security posture policy is a combination of compliance standards and predefined/custom rules.


As part of Next Generation SaaS Security Posture Management, Netskope has deprecated profiles and introduced compliance standards. Rules can now be directly attached to policies.

Follow the rest of the articles to configure a security posture policy and rule.