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Next Generation SaaS Security Posture Management


Next Generation SaaS Security Posture Management is a controlled GA release. Contact Netskope support or your sales representative to get this enabled on your tenant.

As enterprises move workloads and sensitive data into the cloud at a rapid pace, SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) is a mechanism to look at a cloud infrastructure and service and identify issues, risks, vulnerabilities, and exposures. SSPM allows a user (individual or an enterprise) of a cloud environment to monitor, assess, and act on security, permission, and access related issues in that environment. Netskope gives organizations the visibility, compliance, and protection for critical workloads needed to combat these challenges. With Netskope, get an understanding of your risk exposure, detect misconfigurations, inventory assets, enforce compliance standards, and protect against insider threats and malware.

The Next Generation SSPM solution would, on being granted requisite access to a cloud environment, do the following:

  • Scan the cloud environment and list resources specific to that environment.

  • Look at relationships between those resources to identify security related issues in the cloud environment.

  • Generate alerts for the identified issues, based on customer configuration.

Next Generation Security Posture Management is the new generation platform for Security Posture Management designed to provide the following benefits:

  • Faster velocity to support new cloud apps & services.

  • Create custom rules using a new and improved language called Netskope Governance Language (NGL).

  • Faster and efficient performance of Inventory and compliance dashboards.

Netskope has extended its Next Generation SSPM capabilities to GitHub, Microsoft 365 (including Azure AD) and Salesforce, ServiceNow, Workday, and Zoom. New cloud services and applications will be rolled out in due course.