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This section of the API Data Protection Policy page specifies who and when to notify users about a policy violation.

  1. Select None if you do not wish to send any notification.

  2. Select the Notify once every option to specify how often to notify recipients and who to notify. Click on the adjacent toggle to specify a interval, or choose to Notify after each event.

  3. To send multiple notifications, select the recipients to notify, and then choose the email template you want to use and enter the email address of the recipient(s). To create custom email templates for each recipient, enable the checkbox for the recipient types, and then select Create New from the drop-down list. Enter the needed info in the Create Email Notification Template window, and then select components to include in the email. When finished, click Save.

  4. Optionally, you can enter your email address so the recipients know who set up this policy. 

  5. When finished, click Next.