Netskope Cloud Exchange


An Admin can view and clear notifications, but a User can only view notifications. The Netskope CE performs many tasks in the background and end-users need to be alerted when anomalies occur.

  1. Whenever active notifications are available, a floating bell icon appears on all the UI pages. This bell icon appears in the bottom right part of the screen.

  2. The bell icon also displays the count of open notifications. A maximum of 100 open notifications can be displayed. To view the older notifications, clear some or all of the currently visible notifications to reduce their count below 100.

  3. When you click the bell icon, a pop-up appears with a list of notifications. There are 3 types of notifications: INFO, WARN and ERROR. These levels can be differentiated by color.

  4. An Admin can clear a particular notification or clear all notifications for all users of a CE instance. Clicking Clear all notifications clears all displayed notifications, but does not remove system logs.