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Netskope Help

OpenVAS Scans

You can scan your network using the in-built OpenVAS scanner that will generate vulnerability reports which you can download.

Create OpenVAS Scan

Follow the procedure to create a new OpenVAS scan for your appliance:

  1. Navigate to the Manage > Scans menu in your appliance. You can see the New OpenVAS Scan window.

  2. Give a name to the scan.

  3. Choose a scan target. Following are your options:

    1. Subnet - provide a subnet IP address to target the scan.

    2. IP range - provide a range of IP addresses to target the scan.

    3. IP list - provide a comma separated list of IP addresses to target the scan.

  4. Schedule the scan to be one time immediately on creation.

  5. Click Save scan configuration to create an OpenVAS scan.



    You can see the executed scans in the right side table with the details and reports attached.