Overview for On-Premises Appliance Version 99.0.0

Overview for On-Premises Appliance Version 99.0.0

The N2000 and N5000 appliances provide the physical footprint to process and maintain data inside an enterprise’s perimeter.


The N1000, N5000, and N10000 appliances are no longer available for purchase. Netskope continues to support software upgrades on existing N1000, N5000, and N10000 appliances.

The N2000 appliance hardware has been revised and comes preloaded with Appliance software version 96.0.0.

The following are the specifications of the new appliance hardware.

eth4Out (Outbound)10g
eth5In (Inbound)10g

The following are the specifications of the old appliance hardware.

N2000N5000 Series II
CPUDual 16 core Dual 10 core
Memory512 GB DDR4768 GB DDR4
Storage4x 1.2 TB Intel SSD12x 1.2 TB SSD
I/O(2x 10gbe), 1x gbe ipmi, 1x gbe mgmt, 3x gbe(2x 10gbe) 1x gbe ipmi, 1x gbe mgmt, 3x gbe
PowerDual redundant 800WDual redundant 750W


To move to version 99.0.0, you must be running a minimum version 93.0.0 since Netskope supports upgrades up to two versions ahead of the current version.

To learn more about the appliance: Overview of Netskope On-Premises Appliance.

Appliance Software Version Support

Netskope Appliance software releases are available every 4-months and will have Netskope support up to two previous versions. Direct software upgrades are supported as long as the “from” and “to” software releases are within two versions apart.

Release number – Netskope appliance releases are designated by the form X.Y.Z where X, Y, and Z are integers. The individual digits represent release major, minor, and build number respectively. It gives 12 months for customers to move to a supported release. For example, appliance release 77 and older releases are deprecated when appliance release 99 goes live. Releases that are outside the Netskope support period:

  • Are not guaranteed to work with the latest cloud releases.
  • Are no longer tested by Netskope.
  • Do not receive hotfixes.
  • Do not receive new feature updates.

At our discretion, we may provide support for releases outside our support period. If a customer encounters an error in a version of software that is other than the latest release, Netskope may require the customer to upgrade to a specified later version to obtain a correction of the error.

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Overview for On-Premises Appliance Version 99.0.0

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