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Netskope Help

Permissions Required for Atlassian Confluence

When you grant access to the Atlassian Confluence app instance, Netskope seeks consent for the following permissions from the Atlassian account:

Permissions Required by Netskope




Scope for getting refresh token.

Periodically refresh access token after instance setup.


View and export audit records for Confluence events.

Retrieve and list Confluence audit log events under Skope IT > Application Events. You need this permission to support features like behavior analytics.


View user information in Confluence that you have access to, including usernames, email addresses, and profile pictures.

Retrieve and list Confluence users in Inventory/Users. You need this permission to support features like DLP.


View details regarding content and its associated properties.

Same as above. In addition, you need this scope for searching Confluence users.


Permits retrieval of user groups.

(Future release)

Retrieve and list Confluence groups in Inventory/User Groups. You need this permission to support features like DLP.


Read a summary of space information without expansions.

(Future release)

Retrieve and list Confluence spaces in Inventory/Content Collection. You need this permission to support features like DLP.


View content permission in Confluence.

(Future release)

Calculate content exposure for inventory like a Confluence page.


Read all content including content body (expansions permitted).

(Future release)

Retrieve restrictions on a piece of content to support exposure calculation.


Read a summary of the content without expansions.

(Future release)

Retrieve pages for scanning.


Download attachments of a Confluence page or blog-post that you have access to.

(Future release)

Download page attachment for scanning.


Permits the creation of pages, blogs, comments, and questions.

(Future release)

Tombstone sensitive text content. To make a copy of the page for legal hold.


Upload attachments.

(Future release)

Replace a sensitive file with a tombstone file. To upload attachments to pages under legal hold.