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Permissions Required for Zoom


SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPMv1) will be made EOL (end of life) soon. Customers who are on the SSPMv1 platform should migrate to Next Generation SSPM platform. In addition, the SSPMv1 documentation will be deprecated by June '23. Additional documentation links:

When you grant access to the Zoom app instance, Netskope seeks consent for the following permissions from the Zoom account:

Table 18. Permissions Required by Netskope for Zoom

Permissions required by Netskope



Trade-off if not allowed


Read account metadata and its configuration. This scope allows an app to view details of a regular account as well as Sub Accounts that are associated with a Master Account, view account settings, account lock settings, managed domains and trusted domains of an account.

Allows Netskope to access the account settings of the Zoom organization.

Rules related to AccountSettings will fail, e.g. this account requires two factor authentication.


Read user metadata.This scope allows an app to view user information of all users in a Zoom account.

Allows Netskope to access user metadata of the account that granted access to Netskope.

All rules will fail because the user metadata is required to populate properties that are relevant to all assets, such as asset_id, account_id, owner, asset name, user name.