Private Applications

Private Applications

The Private Applications page is only available if you have access to Netskope Private Access (NPA). This page provides information about the usage and performance of private applications that are accessed through NPA. The summary view contains the latest information about applications usage and a filtered view displays information based on the selected filters.

Private Applications Summary

The Private Applications Summary section provides you with information about private applications usage and performance. Using the Reload button on the top right corner of the page, you can view the latest information in the widgets. This section contains widgets that provide an overview of the data usage, number of unique users, policies evaluated, active publishers, number of sessions etc. The Netskope POPs map provides a view of all the Netskope POPs that are being used to process traffic to and from various private applications. Applications Discovered and Application Ports Discovered widgets provide a tabular view with detailed information about the private applications and application ports.

Please note that the following widgets are RBAC-enabled.

An overview of your private application usage and performance for the last 7 days can be found in the following widgets:

  • Uploaded (GB) 
  • Downloaded (GB)
  • Data Centers
  • Sessions
  • Publisher Versions for Active Publishers
  • Active Publishers
  • Unique Users Seen
  • Policies Evaluated
  • Discovered Apps
  • Netskope DataCenters
  • Applications Discovered
  • Application Ports Discovered
Filtered Widgets

You can use the filters in the filter menu to get a granular view of the private applications usage. 

Please note that the widgets in the Filtered Widgets section are RBAC-enabled.

The widgets in the Filtered Widgets section provide the following information:

  • Last # of Days Filtered
  • Filtered Application
  • Filtered User
  • Filtered Publisher
  • Top Private Apps by Total Bytes
  • Top Private Apps by Uploaded Bytes
  • Top Private Apps by Downloaded Bytes
  • Most Used Policies
  • Policy Hit Trend
  • Daily User Count for Private Apps
  • Top Private Apps Traffic Volume Trend
  • Trend of Uploaded & Downloaded bytes
  • Top 10 Applications by session count
  • Top 10 Users by session count
  • Hourly Private App Usage by User Count
  • Hourly Private App Usage by Session Count
  • Private Access Publisher Usage by Bytes
Publisher Resource Consumption View
Please note that the widgets below are updated based on the filters you apply.
  • Publisher CPU Usage (%)
  • Publisher Memory Usage (%)
  • Publisher Storage Usage (%)
  • Publisher Memory Snapshot
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Private Applications

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