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Netskope Help

Proxy Chaining

Proxy chaining enables you to send traffic from your on-premises proxy to the Netskope Cloud. You must configure the proxy chaining URL in your own proxy, and then add your proxy's public IP address or range to the allowlist below. This enables Netskope to trust traffic from your proxy chain. Traffic from an IP address not in this allowlist will not be accepted by Netskope.


Configure your downstream proxy to send X-Forwarded-For HTTP header for all HTTP requests. The X-Forwarded-For header is used to uniquely identify the tenant user.

  1. Go to Settings > Security Cloud Platform > Traffic Steering > Proxy Chaining and click Add IP Address to add your proxy's public IP address allowlist.

  2. Add your proxy's IP address or CIDR. Multiple IP addresses need to be separated by a comma. When finished, click Add.


Now your on-premises proxy will send traffic to the Netskope Cloud. Click the MenuIcon.png icon to edit or delete the allowlisted IP address or range. When editing an allowlisted IP, only one IP address or CIDR is allowed.