Netskope Help

Publisher Monitoring

The following sections provide information about monitoring Publishers. Go to Private Access Troubleshooting for troubleshooting information.

Thresholds to Monitor

CPU Utilization > 75%

Memory Utilization > 90%

Disk Space Left < 1GB

To Validate Resolution of the NPA Cloud



Linux OS CLI Commands to Monitor Resources

top, cat /proc/meminfo, htop, sysstat, nload, iftop, nethog, bmon

SNMP OIDs to Monitor Resources

Available space on the disk: .

Used space on the disk: .

Percentage of space used on disk: .

Percentage of inodes used on disk: .

Path where the disk is mounted: .

Path of the device for the partition: .

Total size of the disk/partion (kBytes): .

Percentage of user CPU time: .

Raw user CPU time: .

Percentage of system CPU time: .

Raw system CPU time: .

Percentage of idle CPU time: .

Raw idle CPU time: .

Total RAM in machine: .

Total RAM used: .

Total RAM Free: .

Total bytes received on the interface: .

Total bytes transmitted on the interface: .

Additional Publisher Logs for Troubleshooting

Connection Segment



Registration Logs - Publisher

Logs to verify successful registration, or failed registration.

Logs to check:


Successful Registration:

2021/07/27 20:00:41 UTC Registering with your Netskope address:

2021/07/27 20:00:41 UTC Publisher certificate CN: 130dbd9d40e4ad35

2021/07/27 20:00:41 UTC Attempt 1 to register publisher.

2021/07/27 20:00:43 UTC Publisher registered successfully.

Failed Registration:

2021/08/19 13:21:06 UTC Attempt 1 to register publisher.

2021/08/19 13:21:08 UTC Get x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

2021/08/19 13:21:08 UTC Registration failed because a discovery call didn't succeed. Please generate a new token and try again.

Publisher ⇔ Netskope connectivity logs

Logs to check:


Succesful tunnel connection:

eventlog.cpp:115:logPublisherTunnelEvent():0x0 {"eventId": "NPACONNECTED", "publisherId": "130dbd9d40e4ad35", "stitcherIp": "", "tenant": ""}

Successful connection and certificate verification:

sslhelper.cpp:80:verify_callback():0x0 Verified: /DC=io/DC=newedge/CN=New Edge Root CA

Failed connection due to SSL error

sslhelper.cpp:302:logSslError():0x0 SSL Error 5 error:00000005:lib(0):func(0):DH lib

Publisher⇔ Netskope HTTPS logs

Management Plane: openssl s_client -connect ns-{TENANTID}.{POPNAME} -servername ns-{TENANTID}.{POPNAME}

Data Plane: openssl s_client -connect -servername ns-{TENANTID}.{POPNAME}

Publisher⇔ Application Connection Logs

Logs to check:


Application definition and reachability:

reachability.cpp:109:parse():0x2484790 Added protocols; tcp:80-80; udp:443-443; udp:80-80; Application connection:

tcpproxyhandler.cpp:35:TcpProxyHandler():0x2504cf0 Creating tcp connection to

Client connects and disconnects

May follow Publisher disconnects and can be used to correlate issues: neconfig.cpp:121:setClientId():0x0 Set clientId l0ThzLYeZnqA

neconfig.cpp:121:setClientId():0x0 Set clientId l0ThzLYeZnqA

Indicates a graceful shut down and will not always be present if there’s an issue: L3ClientChannel.cpp:48:destroy():0x1292810 Cleaning up l3clientChannel