Publisher Support Policy

Publisher Support Policy

Netskope Private Access (NPA) Publisher is a software package that is deployed in your data center. The Publisher enables the private application connectivity between your data center and the Netskope cloud. Various supported platforms and versions are explained in Deploy a Publisher.

Netskope periodically introduces Publisher software versions that offer enhancements and additional capabilities. For compliance with the Netskope Service-Level Agreement (SLA), you are required to update your Publisher software periodically. You can either update Publisher software manually or enable the Publisher Auto-Update function. As part of the software update process, Netskope will attempt to update the Publisher software package, Host OS, and OS Kernel as applicable.

For information about Publisher management and upgrade instructions, go to Manage a Publisher.

Publisher Software Support Model

Netskope will support the latest (N) version and two previous versions (N-1 and N-2) of the Publisher software. Here N refers to the Publisher’s software version number, corresponding to a Netskope Cloud release.

For example, if the latest Publisher version is, Netskope will support versions, and Support will not be offered for releases such as, etc. Updates for software defects and security vulnerabilities will only be introduced in new software versions. Netskope will not back port software updates to older supported versions. You should consider upgrading your Publishers to the latest version to take advantage of enhancements and security updates.

For information about using 3rd-party applications with the Publisher, go to Guidance for Installing 3rd-party Applications on Publishers.

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Publisher Support Policy

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