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RBI Best Practices and Known Limitations

RBI and HTTP/2 support

HTTP/2 is currently not supported for RBI. Isolation of webpages offering HTTP/2 will be bypassed for users where the HTTP/2 feature is enabled in their account.

HTTP/1.1 only web pages will be isolated properly. Accounts using RBI should consider engaging with their technical Netskope representative to make sure HTTP/2 support is not enabled in their account.


Known limitation: Admins can disable Private Navigation to allow transport and storage in the local browser for cookies generated in isolation. Private Navigation must be disabled in the customer’s predefined RBI template in addition to disabling Private Navigation in the RBI template assigned to the RTP policy.


Short term solution / Best Practice: Customers should apply the predefined RBI template in policies where they want to disable Private Navigation.


Known Limitation: RBI does not disable Private Navigation when you disable the control in the RBI template. Therefore, cookies generated in isolation cannot be stored in the end user’s local browser.

Navigate to Policies > Profiles > Web > URL List tab > New URL List button


Navigate to Policies > Profiles > Web > Custom Categories tab > New Custom Category button


Navigate to Policies > Real-time Protection > New Policy dropdown > RBI Policy


Short term solution / Best Practice: Create an RBI policy for a custom category with the URL "*".