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Netskope Help

RBI Best Practices

RBI and HTTP/2 Support

HTTP/2 is currently not supported for RBI. Isolation of webpages offering HTTP/2 will be bypassed for users where the HTTP/2 feature is enabled in their account.

HTTP/1.1 only web pages will be isolated properly. Accounts using RBI should consider engaging with their technical Netskope representative to make sure HTTP/2 support is not enabled in their account.

Clipboard Limitations

There are some known clipboard limitations as outlined below.

LIMITATION 1: Browser Restrictions

Some browsers restrict access to the clipboard to paste information. The "Paste" button is disabled in the context menu if the user's browser does not support it. This may apply if:

  • The isolated web page is http (clipboard is only supported in https)

  • The browser is Firefox

  • The browser is Safari

If you use the "Paste" function, the system will suggest that you use the shortcut to paste the text.


LIMITATION 2: Browser Prompts the User and Asks for Permission

RBI presents a custom context menu that is rendered to the user which is different from the native context menu of the browser. The browser doesn’t recognize the user interaction and prompts the user for permission:


The answer collected from the user is stored in the local machine and this prompt will not be shown again for that domain during future isolated sessions. Permissions can be checked in the browser’s settings for a site: