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RBI Use Cases

The following table highlights popular use cases which are addressed by Netskope's RBI product.

Use Case



Threat Protection: Trusted User to Untrusted Website

Website sandbox

  • Protect users from malware and phishing threats often delivered by uncategorized and potentially risky websites without over-blocking access to the web, restricting interaction of the end user with the isolated webpage

  • SWG integration to isolate uncategorized and potentially security risky URLs

Threat Protection: Trusted User to Untrusted Website

Zero Day Protection

  • Avoid target zero by blocking advanced malware and targeted phishing attacks, minimizing alerts, investigations and remediation efforts

  • Protection from attacks targeting un-patched browsers and plug-ins, browser and plug-in zero days, targeted attacks carried in web content

Threat Protection: Remote PDF file view

Zero Day Protection

  • Embedded PDF file viewer in Remote Browser Isolation environment. PDF files are rendered in flight and delivered as a safe stream to the end user’s browser.

  • Potential malicious content (exploits, scripts) embedded in PDF files will not reach the endpoint hardware and compromise it.