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Remote Browser Isolation

Netskope's Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) is part of the Netskope Secure Web Gateway offering. The RBI service intercepts a user’s browsing session to a website, acting as a proxy that fetches the content for that user and renders the content in an isolated browsing instance. The rendered content is delivered to the user’s browser as a safe stream of pixels. This safely silos the end user's device and the enterprise network and systems, separating it from their browsing activity and restricting the ability of an attacker to establish control and / or breach other systems and exfiltrate data.

Netskope RBI Protects corporate users and endpoints against malware and security exploits often delivered by uncategorized and potentially risky websites without over-blocking access to the web. Netskope RBI can thwart ransomware attacks, blocking their ability to encrypt the users files on their devices or in enterprise file shares, neither of which are directly accessible from the remote browser session. Netskope RBI protects the endpoint by moving the browser to a remote service in the cloud.