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Netskope Help

Report Miscategorization

After you have searched for a URL or Domain, if you find a URL that you believe has been miscategorized or undercategorized, Netskope allows you to submit a request for recategorization using the Report Miscategorization button located on the URL Lookup page (Policies > Web > URL Lookup).


You can also go to the following page to submit a request for recategorization:

The request will be sent to the appropriate internal team, and you will receive an email acknowledging the request. The turn around is typically 24-48 hours, but can be longer for international locations. Based on your feedback, Netskope may recategorize the URL/domain.

  1. Click Report Miscategorization. The Report Miscategorization dialog box opens.

  2. Enter the miscategorized URL in the URL field. You can enter multiple, comma-separated URLs. 

  3. Select a category from the dropdown list as the new suggested category. You can add multiple categories.

  4. Type additional comments or a short explanation in the Additional Comments textbox.

  5. Click Submit.