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Requirements for Virtual Appliance Version 93.1.0

Upgrading to version 93.1.0

Before downloading the upgrade package, ensure the following:

  • You are running a minimum version 71.x. Upgrade is supported on two versions ahead of the current version. If you are running appliance versions older than 71.x or if the root (/) partition is less than 64 GB, you must deploy a new virtual appliance and import configurations from the old appliance.


    • If your VA uses a 64 GB root (/) partition, then you must ensure that at least 8 GB of free space is available before upgrading.

    • Appliance versions older than 71.x cannot be upgraded to 71.x or later. Instead, deploy a new VA. To learn more: Install a Virtual Appliance.

  • There is at least 15 GB of free space on the /opt/ns/upgrades partition where the upgrade package is downloaded. You can delete older versions of the appliance from the upgrades folder to free up disk space.

    To learn more: Upgrade the Virtual Appliance.

  • All the dhcp interfaces on the appliance are configured with a static IP, netmask and gateway.

  • Export the current appliance configurations to a different host. To learn more: Exporting Configurations.

  • The host, is reachable. During the upgrade process, the Appliance updates the e2fsprogs Linux package by installing the latest version from the Ubuntu repository. To verify that the host is reachable, run the following telnet command.

    nsappliance> telnet host port 80
    Executing telnet as: ['telnet', '', '80']
    Connected to
    Escape character is '^]'.

The following are the minimum hardware requirements to install and run the virtual appliance.



Physical RAM

32 GB



Hard disk space

400 GB is the total disk space required across all partitions. This includes 96 GB for storing and processing logs and 304 GB for the root partitions which store the Netskope software, configuration files, and data files.

You must increase the disk capacity depending on the size of the logs that are processed daily.

For information on increasing the partition size, see "Increase the Size of the Partition" under Optional Configurations topic on the Knowledge Portal.


Netskope recommends that you increase the disk capacity by 5 times the expected daily log collection size.

Hash values for Virtual Appliance Installation Files

The following table provides the md5sum and sha256sum values for the VA installer files on VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Linux KVM platforms for version 93.1.0.

File Type






Hyper-V Image



KVM Image