Netskope Cloud Exchange

Reset Password

To reset the superadmin password perform the steps shown below on the machine that is running the docker containers.

  1. Enter the mongodb docker container.

    docker exec -ti mongodb sh
  2. Login to the mongodb client. Enter the value of the MONGO_PASSWORD environment variable (from docker-compose.yml) when prompted for a password.

    mongo --username cteadmin
    Enter password:
  3. Switch to the CE database.

    use cte
  4. Type in the following line to reset admin password.

    db.users.update({username: "admin"}, {$set: {password: "$2y$12$RBcV6xWFhHucm4a1YRmQXuEZHqz9NadpMuzIB6xEIXOhg.QzngiiO"}});
  5. Admin password should now be reset to default.

  6. Log in to the Netskope CE UI with default password and change the password of your choice.