Reverse Proxy as a Service for AppSheet

Reverse Proxy as a Service for AppSheet

This topic illustrates the steps required to configure Reverse Proxy as a Service for AppSheet.


Pre-configure Google Account to Netskope SAML Proxy / Reverse Proxy

Configuration Steps

  1. Login to Google Admin Console Page.
  2. Go to Apps > Web and Mobile Apps.
  3. Click Add app and from the dropdown select Add custom SAML app.
  4. Enter a name for the App name and provide Description.
  5. Click Continue to see the Google IDP metadata. Keep this tab open for future use during this configuration.
  6. Open a new tab and login to the Netskope WebUI.
  7. Go to Settings > Security Cloud Platform > Reverse Proxy > SAML
  8. Select Add Account and select Reverse Proxy as a Service from the Application drop down list.
  9. Enter the following parameters:
    • Enter a name
    • IDP Issue ID: Enter the Entity IDP value from Google IDP metadata (previously opened tab).
    • IDP SSO URL: Enter the SSO URL field value from Google IDP metadata.
    • Download the Google IDP Certificate and open it in a text editor. Copy the certificate contents.
    • IDP Certificate: Paste the certificate contents.
    • APP Landing URL: Enter
    • Click Save and View Netskope Settings. This will display the Netskope SAML settings.
  10. Return to the Google Admin tab (previously opened tab).
  11. Click Continue.
  12. Enter the following parameters
  13. ACS URL: Enter SAML PROXY ACS URL field value from Netskope Settings.
  14. Entity ID: Enter “ORGANIZATION ID“ field value from Netskope Settings.
  15. Click Continue and then click Finish.
  16. Modify User access to make the app available to select users, group or organizational unit.

This completes the configuration of Reverse Proxy as a Serivice for AppSheet. In the Netskope console, go to Skope IT > Application Events to see events logged with AppSheet application name.

Accessing AppSheet via Reverse Proxy

To access AppSheet, use the following steps:

Due to technical limitation, SP-Initiated flow does not work with AppSheet via Reverse Proxy.

  1. Login to Google account (ensure that the Google account is accessed via Reverse Proxy)
  2. Click the Google App Grid and then click the AppSheet icon. The AppSheet will have the same name as specified during the configuration.
  3. You will be redirected to the AppSheet login page via URL containing the rproxy domain. Click Google and then select the Google account.
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Reverse Proxy as a Service for AppSheet

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