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Netskope Help

Rollback Software

You can use the rollback command to revert to an older appliance version. The rollback will revert the appliance to its pre-upgraded state. This feature is intended for use when an issue on a newly upgraded version is identified. During this process, configuration and version reverts while processed log data (application / connection events) persist.


Before attempting to rollback your appliance version, contact  with your current appliance version and desired rollback version. Best practice, is to have Netskope support on call to perform the procedure as outlined below.


Appliance versions 46.x and later cannot be reverted to versions older than 46.0.0.  

  1. To identify the current and available rollback versions, enter this command:

    support-mp01> show version-info

    which returns:

    Current Version: 42.14
    Rollback Version: 38.10


    If the appliance has never been upgraded, the there will be no rollback version available. The Rollback Version value in this case will be None.

  2. Enter this command to initiate the rollback:

    support-mp01> rollback software-image

The rollback process may take up to 30 minutes to complete. In order to validate the process is complete, run the show version-info command to verify the rollback.