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SaaS Security Posture Management


SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPMv1) will be made EOL (end of life) soon. Customers who are on the SSPMv1 platform should migrate to Next Generation SSPM platform. In addition, the SSPMv1 documentation will be deprecated by June '23. Additional documentation links:

“As much as 63% of security incidents are due to SaaS misconfiguration issues.” - Cloud Security Alliance (April 2022)

As enterprises continue to adopt SaaS apps at a rapid pace, the risk of data exfiltration, sensitive data loss, non-compliance, and insider threats remain significant challenges. In addition, organizations struggle to get full visibility and control of entities with privileged access like privileged users and cloud-to-cloud apps (3rd party OAuth apps).

Netskope SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) is an API-enabled security service that combines deep security and SaaS app expertise to provide continuous visibility and monitoring of the security posture of your protected SaaS apps. SSPM identifies misconfigurations, recommends remediation of configuration drift, and aligns overall security posture with industry best practices and compliance standards.

Netskope SSPM provides not only centralized visibility of resources and their attributes like configurations, privileged users, and cloud-to-cloud apps, but also audit events that offer insight into the activity and behavior of these resources. It helps organizations to secure data stored in SaaS apps that are growing in volume, velocity and variety by continuously scanning for and eliminating configuration mistakes and mismanaged permissions, which are the top causes of cloud security failures. The result is continuous improvement of organizational security posture and reduced risk.

SSPM Key Features

Netskope SSPM provides several key features:

  • Continuous security assessment of SaaS app security configurations.

  • Scheduled scans as frequently as every 15 minutes.

  • Policies based on common industry compliance standards like CIS Foundations Benchmarks, CSA-CCM v4.0, GDPR 2016/679, HIPAA 1996, ISO 27002, NIST 800-53 r4, NIST-CSF v1.1, PCI-DSS v3.0.

  • Fully customized compliance rules and policies.

  • Alerts when misconfigurations are detected.

  • Incident response and guided remediation of misconfigurations.

  • Audit events for forensics.

  • Automated, machine-learning-based UEBA detections.

  • Custom reporting in Advanced Analytics.

  • Integrations with leading ticketing (Jira, ServiceNow), SIEM (Splunk), and SOAR vendors to enable seamless security workflows.

SSPM Key Benefits

Netskope SSPM provides the following key benefits:

  • Get comprehensive visibility into protected SaaS app security configurations, privileged users, and cloud-to-cloud (3rd party OAuth) apps.

  • Maintain compliance aligned to industry best practices and compliance standards.

  • Prevent data breaches by getting real-time alerts when SSPM detects critical security misconfigurations or configuration drift that could lead to data exfiltration incidents.

  • Combine with Netskope API Data Protection for comprehensive SaaS app protection; from protecting data and users to monitoring for security misconfigurations.

  • Part of an integrated SASE architecture. SSPM is integrated with Netskope CASB, Secured Web Gateway, Data Loss Protection, Zero Trust Network Access, and other Netskope products to offer a seamless and unified management, visibility, and security solution.