Netskope Help

Security Assessment Profile

A profile is a set of rules. A profile can be custom-built or for a specific standard such as the CIS Benchmark. An administrator can create a policy on a profile. To access the Security Assessment Profiles:

  1. Log in to the Netskope tenant UI.

  2. Navigate to Policies > Security Assessment.

    The Security Assessment page opens.

  3. Click Profiles & Rules. The Profiles & Rules page displays all the profile names in the Profiles section.

You can perform certain actions by clicking the More Options icon (...) to the right of the profile entry. Depending on whether the profile is predefined or custom profile the following options are available.

  • Edit: On selecting this option, you can edit the profile.

  • Clone: On selecting the option, Netskope creates a duplicate copy of the profile.

  • Create New Profile: On selecting the option, you can create a new custom profile. For more information, see Create a Security Assessment Profile.

  • Create New Policy: On selecting this option, you can create a new policy based on the selected profile. For more information, see Create a Security Assessment Policy.

  • Delete: On selecting this option, Netskope deletes the profile.

Create a Security Assessment Profile

To create a security assessment profile:

  1. Under Profiles click on the + symbol.

    The New Custom Profile page opens.

  2. Under CLOUD PROVIDER, select a cloud services provider and click NEXT

  3. Under RULES, select the predefined and custom rules to be applied to the profile. Click NEXT

  4. Under ATTRIBUTES, specify the profile attributes.

    1. Under PROFILE NAME, enter a profile name.

    2. Under PROFILE DESCRIPTION, enter a short description of the profile.

  5. Click SAVE to save the profile.

  6. Optionally, under ADD TO POLICY, click inside the text box and select a policy from the list to add the profile to the policy.

  7. Click SAVE and APPLY CHANGES.