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Security Posture for Salesforce


SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPMv1) will be made EOL (end of life) soon. Customers who are on the SSPMv1 platform should migrate to Next Generation SSPM platform. In addition, the SSPMv1 documentation will be deprecated by June '23. Additional documentation links:

Salesforce is a dynamic environment and needs to be continuously monitored for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. These include organization settings, users, profiles, permissions and roles, user files, enterprise data, field audit trail, and more. With Netskope, you can now definitively answer key questions such as; does my organization have safe defaults for the organization and new users, user access management, data classification, platform encryption, and more. You can get a clear picture of your SaaS security posture and see how the environment is performing against standards and best practices like Salesforce best practices benchmarks. If violations are found, items are flagged as critical, high, medium, or low. With an easy way to monitor and report on the security of the Salesforce environment, administrators can run a report for auditors and quickly remediate and address gaps that were found using recommended guidance.

To configure security posture for Salesforce, follow the links below: