Select Predefined Data Identifiers

Select Predefined Data Identifiers

Predefined data identifiers can be used in the DLP rules for common terms that are required for detecting regulatory or sensitive data. Multiple data identifiers can be combined with Boolean operators (AND/OR) in a DLP Rule.

DLP data identifiers are organized into meaningful categories and provide meaningful names and description. They also include tags which make them easy to search.

For example, address-us is renamed to Postal Addresses (US) and all the identifiers related to addresses are categorized under Postal Addresses.

For a complete list of the new names and categories of predefined data identifiers and their definitions, see DLP Predefined Identifiers hosted for customers-only on the support site.

To add predefined identifiers to a DLP rule:

  1. In the Entity page of the New DLP Rule dialog box, all the predefined DLP identifiers are listed in categories. For example, the Financial Data category expands to show rules related to all payment cards such as credit card numbers with 12 to 19 digits and different types of delimiters. To view the details of a predefined identifier, expand and click on a category.
  2. After selecting the predefined identifiers you want to use, click Next.

Alternatively, you can create custom entities such as data identifiers and dictionaries. To learn more: Select Custom Entities.

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Select Predefined Data Identifiers

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