Slack Channels Page

Slack Channels Page

The channels page provides a high-level overview on the status as well as stats of public and private channels that have file violations, messages violations, and external users. You can search for channels that may violate corporate policy.


You can refresh the page by clicking the refresh icon beside the instance name of the app.

The channels page displays the following information:

  • Channel Type information: Shows the number of channels that are public, private, and direct messaging (enterprise only).
  • File Violations information: Shows the channels based on the number of files that violate a policy.
  • Message Violations information: Shows the channels based on the number of messages that violate a policy.
  • Channels with External Users information: Shows the channels based on the number of external users.

The channels page contains a table showing channel name, channel type, teams (enterprise only), internal user count, external user count, total files, files with violations, and messages with violations information.

The channels page allows you to search for specific messages and files per channel using filters. To use the search filters, click the filter icon to apply one or more of these filters:

  • Channel Name: Find partial or complete names of channels.
  • Channel Type: Filter based on whether the channel used is public, private, or direct messaging (enterprise only).
  • Member Name: Find channels that a user if a member of.
  • Has external user: Filer based on external user.

Based on the filter used, a list of channels is displayed in the channels table. To view complete details about the channel, click on an item to open the Channel Details summary.

The channels page allows you to export the contents of the channels table. Click EXPORT to download a spreadsheet file.

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Slack Channels Page

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