Netskope Help

SSO Configuration

An Admin can enable and disable SSO, and configure IdP settings. Also your service provider's details are displayed on the SSO Configuration page. This workflow is explained in vendor-specific detail in the Okta and Azure AD SSO articles.

Admin will be able to configure SSO identity provider details and see service provider details.

  1. Go to Settings > Users and click SSO Configuration.

  2. Enter Identity Provider information:



    Identity Provider Issuer URL

    Identity Provider Issuer URL

    Identity provider SSO URL

    Identity provider single sign on URL

    Identity provider SLO URL

    Identity provider single logout URL

    Public x509 Certificate

    Public x509 Certificate string.

  3. View Service Provider information (provided for configuration in the SSO dashboard).



    Service Provider Entity ID

    Service Provider Entity ID URL.

    Service Provider ACS URL

    Service Provider assertion consumer service URL.

    Service Provider SLS URL

    Service Provider single logout service URL.

  4. Click Save.