Netskope Help

Steps to Run the Script
  1. Install the following:

    1. Python2.7 - sudo apt install python2.7

    2. Pip - sudo apt install python-pip

    3. Virtual Environment - pip install virtualenv

  2. Download nsiaastools-0.0.2.tar.gz package from the Netskope Support Portal.

  3. Move the package to any desired location where it can be installed.

    mv nsiaastools-<version>.tar.gz <package installation path>

  4. Change directory to location where nsiaastools package is located.

    cd <package installation path>

  5. Create a virtual environment to install the package in.

    sudo virtualenv <virtual environment name>

  6. Activate the newly created virtual environment.

    sudo virtualenv <virtual environment name>

  7. Install nsiaastools package inside the virtual environment.

    pip install nsiaastools-<version>.tar.gz

  8. Run the script to create new API Data Protection AWS instances in the Netskope UI. [-h] -i CONF_FILE -c TOKEN -t TENANT

    -i, --instances

    JSON Configuration File Template for Netskope instances to be created

    -c, --token

    Netskope API Token

    -t, --tenant

    Netskope tenant hostname

CloudFormation Template Output After the Execution of the Script
Sample AWS Account Configuration

Role ARN for assumeRole.role_arn