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Netskope Help

Supported and Unsupported Visualization Types

Each data tile on a dashboard contains a visualization, and the type of visualization determines whether or not you can use the data points on that tile to create cross-filters.

Supported visualization types

The following visualization types are supported and can create cross-filters:

  • Table charts

  • Column charts

  • Bar charts

  • Line charts

  • Area charts

  • Scatterplot charts

  • Pie charts

  • Map charts

  • Donut multiple charts

  • Funnel charts

  • Timeline charts

  • Waterfall charts

  • Boxplot charts

  • Custom visualizations

Unsupported visualization types

The following visualization types are not supported and cannot create cross-filters; however, they can be filtered by cross-filters:

  • Single value charts

  • Single record charts

  • Map charts

  • Visualizations that use grid layout

  • Visualizations based on merged results when all queries in the merged results are from the same Explore as the rest of the dashboard tiles (if a dashboard contains a merged results tile with queries from different Explores, cross-filters cannot be enabled for that dashboard)

Regardless of visualization type, you cannot create cross-filters (or standard dashboard filters) on a custom field.