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Netskope Help

Supported File Categories and File Types

Netskope supports the following file categories and file types for DLP.

File Category

File Type


BizInt SmartCharts data format

Cognos PowerPlay up to version 7 (PPR) format

General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS) Data Exchange (GDX) format

MATLAB file format

Microsoft Power BI Desktop format

Microsoft Power BI Desktop template format

SAP Crystal Reports format

Star Office 4,5 Math

Tableau Data Source format

Tableau Extract format

Tableau Map Source format

Tableau Packaged Data Source format

Tableau Packaged Workbook format

Tableau Preferences format

Tableau Workbook format

TIBCO Spotfire DXP data format

Wolfram Mathematica Computable Document Format

Wolfram Mathematica Notebook Format

Archive and Compressed

7 Zip Format (7z)

ACE archive format

AD1 Evidence file

Adobe AIR application installer package

Adobe Flash Flex project file format

Adobe Zip Format Extension Package (ZXP)

Apple Double

Apple Single

ARJ (Archive by Robert Jung) file format

ASCII-armored PGP encoded

ASCII-armored PGP signed

Associated Signature Container Extended format

Associated Signature Container Simple format

AxCrypt encrypted document

B1 format


BlakHole compression format (BH)

Bzip2 Compressed File

CA Technologies ZIPXP compressed document

CMZ compression format

Compactor / Compact Pro

cpio archive (CHR Header)

cpio archive (CRC Header)

Debian binary package format

Disk Doubler

Disk Image

Documentum EMCMF format

Executable Java Archive (jar) file

Expert Witness Compression Format (EnCase)

Extensible Archive (XAR) format

FreeArc archive format

Ghost Disk Image File

Git Packfile format

Google Chrome Extension format

GZ Compress

IDOL Server IDX file

InstallShield archive (early versions) format

InstallShield Cabinet Archive format

InstallShield Compiled Rules file

InstallShield script document

InstallShield Uninstall format

InstallShield Z archive format

Intel Hex format

Internet Archive ARC format

ISMACryp 2.0 Encrypted format

ISO-9660 CD Disc Image Format

Java EAR file format

Java WAR file format

Kryptel encrypted file

Lempel-Ziv Finite State Entropy (LZFSE) compression format

LZ4 compressed file

LZH Archive

LZMA compressed data format

Mac Disk Copy Disk Image File


MHTML format (MHT)

Microsoft Cabinet File (CAB)

Microsoft DirectDraw Surface container format

Microsoft Entourage Database Format

Microsoft MS-DOS installation 'Quantum' compression

Microsoft Office Binder format

Microsoft Silverlight application (XAP) format

Microsoft Virtual Hard Disk format

Microsoft Windows Installer Patch Package (MSP) format

Microsoft Windows Installer Transform (MST) format

Microsoft Windows thumbs.db format

MSI Windows Installer format

MusicXML format

Nero Encrypted File

Nero ISO compilation file

OLE Compound Document

PAK/ARC Archive

PGP Compressed Data

PGP Encrypted Data

PGP Signed and Encrypted Data

PGP Signed Data

PIM Archiver format

PowerArchiver PA compression format

PowerISO Direct Access Archive format

QEMU Copy On Write

RAR archive format

RAR5 Format

Rights Management Services (RMS)-protected format

RPM Package Manager file

SAP compression archive SAR format

Serialized Object Format (SOF)

SHAR shell archive format

Shell Scrap Object File

Snappy Framed compression format

Softdisk Softlib compression format

Softdisk Text Compressor format

StuffIt (MAC)

StuffIt X (SITX) archive format

Subversion Dump format

SUN PEX Binary Archive

Symantec PGP NetShare encrypted file

Symbian installer format

TAR archive

Time-stamped data format

Unix Archive ar format

Unix Compress

VirtualBox Disk Image

Voltage SmartCipher encrypted file

WANG Office GDL Header

Web ARChive

Windows Backup File

XPInstall Cross-Platform Installer Module (XPI) format

XZ archive format

ZIP Archive

Zoo Compressed Archive Format

Zstandard compression format


AC3 Audio File Format

Adaptive Multi-Rate audio format

Adobe Flash Player audio

Adobe Flash Player audiobook

ADX audio

Amiga IFF (8SVX) Sound

Amiga MOD

Apple Core Audio Format

Apple MPEG-4 Part 14 audio

Apple MPEG-4 Part 14 audiobook

Apple MPEG-4 Part 14 protected audio

Asylum Music Format

Audacity audio project file

Audible Audiobook (AA) file

Audible Enhanced Audiobook

Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF)

AVR (Audio Visual Research) format

Beam Software SIFF audio

Conifer Wavpack format

Creative Labs Star 3 audio

Creative Voice (VOC)

CRYO Interactive APC audio

DLS Downloadable Sounds format

DMB MAF audio

DTS Coherent Acoustics audio format

Electronic Arts audio

Electronic Arts SEAD audio

Enhanced-AC3 (EAC3) Audio File format

Ensoniq Waveset audio data

Finale audio format

Free Lossless Audio Codec format

FunCom ISS audio

IFF-MAUD MacroSystem audio format

Interplay ACMP audio

IRCAM audio

Lossless Predictive Audio Compression file (LPAC)

Maxis XA audio

Meridian Lossless Packing audio

Microsoft Wave

MicroTalk/UTalk audio

MIDI audio

Mindstorm RSO audio

Monkey's audio format

MPEG Audio

MPEG audio playlist format

Musepack audio format

Nero AAC audio

Nero Audio CD compilation file

NeXT/Sun Audio Data

NIST SPeech HEader REsources format

Notation Interchange File Format

Novastorm Media audio

NTT TwinVQ audio format

Ogg Container FLAC audio format

Ogg Opus audio format

Ogg Speex audio format

OptimFROG audio

Polyphonic Ringtone PMD audio

Portable Voice Format audio

Psion 3 Sound file

Psion EPOC Record audio

Qualcomm QCP audio

Real Audio


RK Audio lossless compressed audio

Shorten audio

SID audio format

Sierra Entertainment audio

SNES SPC700 audio

Sony Compressed audio (MSV/DVF)

Sony OpenMG Audio (OMA) container file


Sony Wave64 format

SoundFont file

Steinberg CuBase file

Synthetic music Mobile Application Format

TAK audio

True Audio format

Virtual Studio Technology (VST) preset format

Westwood Studios audio

Winamp AVS (Advanced Visualization Studio) plug-in file

Windows Audio playlist format

Windows Media Audio Format (WMA)

Xiph Ogg Vorbis format

Auth and Token

ASCII-armored PGP Public Keyring

Java JCE Key Store format

Java Key Store format

Keepass Password file

PEM-encoded RSA private key

PEM-encoded SSL certificate

PGP Public Keyring

PGP Secret Keyring

PGP Signature Certificate

PKCS #12 (p12) format

PKCS #7 cryptographic format

Binary and Executable

AIX/RISC COFF dynamic library

AIX/RISC COFF executable

AIX/RISC COFF relocatable object

Android Binary XML (compressed by aapt) format

Android Package Kit (APK) format

Apple Newton executable/installer/file

Bin unknown format (.xxx)

Byte-compiled Lisp (Emacs/XEmacs)

Common Object File Format (COFF) dynamic library

Common Object File Format (COFF) executable

Common Object File Format (COFF) relocatable object

Component Pascal / Oberon Code (executable and loadable object) file

Component Pascal / Oberon Symbol file

Dalvik Executable dex format

DOS/Windows Object Library

DOS/Windows Object Module

ELF Dynamic Library

ELF Executable

ELF Relocatable

FoxPro compiled source format

HPUX/PA-RISC COFF dynamic library

HPUX/PA-RISC COFF executable

HPUX/PA-RISC COFF relocatable object

Java Class format

Mac OS-X (Mach-O) executable format

Matrox Setup Program Archive MVA file

Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) Type library

Microsoft Visual C/C++ binary pre-compiled header

Microsoft Visual C++ Export file

MS-DOS Device Driver

MS-DOS RED installer library format

MS-DOS/Windows Program (exe)

Netware Loadable Module format

PalmOS dynamic library

PalmOS executable


Program Information File (PIF)

Psion 3 IMG/APP executable

Psion 3 OPL Object File

Python compiled bytecode

Star Office 4,5 Library

Unix Executable (3B20)

Unix Executable (Basic-16)

Unix Executable (Bell 5.0)

Unix Executable (iAPX 286)

Unix Executable (MC680x0)

Unix Executable (PDP-11/pre-System V VAX)

Unix Executable (VAX)

Unix Executable (WE32000)

Unix Executable (x86)

Unix Object Module (old MS 8086)

Unix Object Module (VAX Demand)

Unix Object Module (Z8000)

Windows C++ Object Storage

Windows heap or mini core dump file

XAML Browser Application (XBAP) format


Ability Presentation

Apple iChat format

Foxmail email format

FTP Session Data

GNU Message Catalog format

Group Wise File Surf email

Health level7 message

IBM Domino Data in XML format (.dxl)

IBM Lotus Notes Database NSF/NTF

Legato EMailXtender Archives Format (EMX)

Legato Extender Native Message ONM

Microsoft Exchange Server Database file format

Microsoft Outlook Express DBX folder database format

Microsoft Outlook Express DBX Message Database

Microsoft Outlook for Macintosh format

Microsoft Outlook iCalendar file format

Microsoft Outlook message

Microsoft Outlook Offline Folders File (OST)

Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst)

Microsoft Outlook Restricted Permission Message

Microsoft Windows Live Messenger/Mail log file

Microsoft Works Communication for MAC

Microsoft Works for Mac, version 3 and 4, Communications document

MIME (EML, MBX email)

OpenPGP Message Format (with new packet format)

SmartWare II


Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format (TNEF)


UU encoded

Yahoo Instant Messenger History

Yahoo! Messenger chat log


Ability Database

ACT! CRM software

Apple iTunes music library

BeagleWorks (later WordPerfect Works) Database document

Berkeley DB btree database format

Berkeley DB hash database format

Berkeley DB log database format

Berkeley DB queue database format

Borland Paradox database

Borland Reflex 2 format

Borland Reflex database


DVD Information (IFO) file

Filemaker MAC

Informix SmartWare II database

Lotus Approach format

Machine-Readable Cataloging (MARC21) format

Microsoft Access (versions 1 and 2)

Microsoft Access 2000

Microsoft Access 2007

Microsoft Access 2007 Template

Microsoft Access 95

Microsoft Access 97

Microsoft Data Transformation Services (DTS) package file

Microsoft Money format

Microsoft Program Database format

Microsoft SQL Server primary database file

Microsoft Windows Shim Database file

Microsoft Works Database for DOS

Microsoft Works Database for MAC

Microsoft Works Database for Windows

Microsoft Works for Mac, version 3 and 4, Database

MORE Database MAC

MySQL MyISAM Table index

MySQL table definition file

ODF Database

OrgPlus Organization Chart

Psion EPOC Database

Quicken data file

RRDtool (Round Robin Database) data file

SAS 6 Data storage format

SAS Transport File XPORT format

SAS7BDAT database storage format

SPSS Statistics Data File Format

SQLite database format

SQLite WAL-index (shm) file

SQLite Write-Ahead Log file

Star Office 4,5 Database

Stata Data Format

Symantec GreatWorks Database document

TealMeal PalmOS database

ZIPVFS SQLite compressed read/write database


3D Manufacturing Format document

3D Sprint (3D Systems) SLA Build file

3D Systems STL ASCII format

Abaqus ODB Format

Additive manufacturing file format (AMF) document

AutoCAD DXF Binary

AutoCAD DXF Text

AutoCAD Plot Style and Configuration files

AutoCAD VBA project format

Autodesk 3ds format

Autodesk 3ds Max ASCII Scene Exporter file

Autodesk 3ds Max format

Autodesk Design Web Format

Autodesk Drawing (DWG)

Autodesk Maya ASCII file format

Autodesk Maya binary file

Autodesk WHIP

AutoForm Design file

Away3D scene file

CAD Binary Logging Format

CAD Measurement Data Format

CADAM Drawing

CADAM Drawing Overlay

CATIA Formats (CAT*)

Cinema 4D model

Collada Digital Asset Exchange (DAE) format

Coordinate 3D (C3D) format

Corel CMX

Corel Draw (up to version 13/X3)

CorelDRAW version X4 onwards

DirectX High-Level Shader Language (HLSL) compiled shader object

DirectX High-Level Shader Language (HLSL) pre-compiled shader

Extensible 3d Graphics (X3D) XML format

GDSII data format

GMSH Mesh polygon format

Grasshopper GHX format

Initial Graphics Exchange Specification format

ISO 10303-21 STEP format

JavaView XML (JVX) format

Kaydara FBX project (ASCII)

Kaydara FBX project (binary)

LightWave Object format

Lotus Ami Pro Draw

LS-DYNA binary output (binout) format

LS-DYNA State Database format

MacDraft drawing

Micrografx Designer

Microsoft Office Drawing

Microsoft Visio (up to version 11)

Microsoft Visio 2003 XML

Microsoft Visio 2013

Microsoft Visio 2013 macro

Microsoft Visio 2013 stencil format

Microsoft Visio 2013 stencil Macro format

Microsoft Visio 2013 template format

Microsoft Visio 2013 template Macro format

Nastran OP2 format


ODF Drawing/Graphics

ODF Drawing/Graphics flat XML format

ODF Drawing/Graphics Template

OpenDocument format (OpenOffice 1/StarOffice 6.7) Drawing XML

Parasolid ascii XT format

Parasolid binary XB format

Polygon File Format (PLY) ASCII format

Polygon File Format (PLY) binary format

PowerWorld Binary (PWB) file

PowerWorld Display (PWD) file

PTC Creo CAD Format

QuickDraw 3D Metafile

RFFlow flowchart document

Right Hemisphere Material file

Right Hemisphere thumbnail collection file

SAP 3d Visual Enterprise VDS document

Softimage Scene SCN format

SolidWorks (2015 onwards) file

SolidWorks Format Files

UGS Jupiter Tesselation file

Unigraphics (UG) NX CAD Format

Vector CAD ASCII ASC format

Vector Open Diagnostic Data Exchange format

Wavefront Material Template Library (MTL)

Wavefront OBJ geometry definition file

Windows Draw (Micrografx)

Xilinx Vivado Design Suite file

ZBrush ZProject (ZPR) format

ZBrush ZTtool (ZTL) format

Desktop Publishing

Adobe FrameMaker

Adobe FrameMaker Book

Adobe InDesign document

Adobe InDesign IDML format

Adobe PageMaker document

Adobe Photoshop Document

Amazon KFX eBook format

Amazon Kindle or Mobipocket eBook format

Amazon Kindle Topaz eBook

Apple iBooks Author eBook

Broad Band eBook (BBeB) in LRF format

Calamus Desktop Publishing


Electronic Publication

eReader (Palm Reader/Peanut Reader) eBook

FictionBook e-book XML format

Founder Chinese E-paper Basic (ceb)

Framework II office suite

Framework office suite


Maker Interchange Format (MIF)

Maker Markup Language

Microsoft Compiled HTML Help

Microsoft Help 2.0 format

Microsoft Publisher (up to version 3)

Microsoft Publisher from version 98

Microsoft Windows 95/NT help full-text-search file

NEBS PageMagic format


Open eBook (OEBPS) XML format

PageMaker for Macintosh

PageMaker for Windows

Palm Markup Language (PMLZ) eBook

PalmDOC / Aportis DOC eBook

Plucker eBook

QiOO mobile eBook

Quark Xpress MAC

QuarkXPress Intel format

RagTime document

Rocket eBook

Serif PagePlus format

Shanda Bambook eBook

TCR (Text Compression for Reader) eBook format

TealDoc PalmOS eBook

TealPaint PalmOS eBook

Timeworks Publisher (Publish It) format

TomeRaider eBook

TomeRaider PDB eBook

Windows Help File

zTXT eBook


Adobe Font Metrics ASCII format

Adobe Multiple master font format

Adobe Printer Font ASCII format

Adobe Printer Font Metrics format

Embedded OpenType font

Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format

NeWS bitmap font

OpenType Font

PC Screen Font format

Portable Font Resource font format

PostScript binary Font Descriptor file

PostScript Type 1 Font

Qt Prerendered Font format

Speedo Font format

SUN vfont Definition

TrueType Font

TrueType font collection format

Web Open Font Format

X11 Portable Compiled Font file

GIS (Geospatial)

ArcGIS Graph format

ArcMap Map Exchange Document project (MXD)

ESRI ArcIMS project XML file (ArcXML)

ESRI GIS World file

ESRI Projection Metadata (PRJ) file

OpenStreetMap Protocolbuffer Binary Format data file (.osm.pbf)

OpenStreetMap XML data

PCRaster Map / Cross System Format geographical data


Shapefile binary spatial index format

Image (Raster)

Ability Image

Ability Office PhotoPaint image

Adobe Swatch Exchange Format

Apple Icon image format

Applix Bitmap image format

ART image format

BeagleWorks (later WordPerfect Works) Paint document

Better Portable Graphics BPG format

CALS raster image format

Canon Digital Camera image

Canon Raw image

Casio Digital Camera image


Corel Photo Paint (version 7 and higher)

Crack Art image

Curses Screen Image

DCX FAX Format(PCX images)

DEGAS (Design & Entertainment Graphic Arts System) compressed image

DEGAS (Design & Entertainment Graphic Arts System) image

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM)

Digital Picture Exchange (DPX) image format

Dr Halo raster image PAL file format

eFax file

Enhanced Compressed Wavelet image

ERDAS Imagine image format

Flexible Image Transport System FITS image

Free Lossless Image Format (FLIF)

GD Library image

GEM Bit Image

GIMP XCF image

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF87a)

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF89a)

High Efficiency Image Format HEVC image

High Efficiency Image Format HEVC image sequence

High Efficiency Image Format image

High Efficiency Image Format image sequence

IFF Amiga animated raster graphics format

IFF Animated Bitmap

IFF Glow Icon image

IFF Planar BitMap

IFF TDDD and Imagine Object animation format

IFF-DEEP TVPaint image

IFF-FAXX Facsimile image

Interleaved BitMap image

Ipix spherical image

ISO-BMFF JPEG 2000 compound image

ISO-BMFF JPEG 2000 image

ISO-BMFF JPEG 2000 with extensions

JBIG File Format

JBIG2 File Format

JPEG 2000 PGX Verification Model image

JPEG Interchange Format

JPEG Network Graphics

JPEG XR (extended range) image format

JPEG-2000 JP2 File Format Syntax (ISO/IEC 15444-1)

Khoros Visualization Image File Format (VIFF)

Kodak FlashPix FPX Image format

Krita image

KTX image format

LizardTech MrSID image format

Lotus Notes Bitmap

Lotus Smart Icon image file


Magick Image File Format

Microsoft AtWork Fax format

Microsoft Device Independent Bitmap

Microsoft Document Imaging Format

Microsoft Image Composer format

Microsoft Photo Editor 'embedded GIF' file

National Imagery Transmission Format NITF image

NRRD (nearly raw raster data) image format

ODF Image

ODF Image flat XML format

ODF Image Template

OLE DIB object

OpenEXR image format

OpenOffice StarView MetaFile format

OpenRaster image

PaintShop Pro image

PaintShop Pro JBF image cache file

Panasonic Digital Camera image

PaperPort MAX image file

PC Paintbrush Graphics (PCX)

PCD Image format

PCPaint / Pictor Paint image format

PhotoDraw MIX image

Portable Bitmap Utilities ASCII format (PBM)

Portable Bitmap Utilities BINARY format (PBM)

Portable FloatMap (PFM) image

Portable Greymap Utilities ASCII format (PGM)

Portable Greymap Utilities BINARY format (PGM)

Portable Network Graphics (PNG)

Portable Pixmap Utilities ASCII format (PPM)

Portable Pixmap Utilities BINARY format (PPM)

Psion 3 PIC bitmap

Psion EPOC Application Information File (AIF)

Psion EPOC Multi-Bitmap (MBM) image

Psion EPOC Sketch image

QuickDraw Picture

Radiance RGBE (HDR) image

Renderware Texture Dictionary (TXD) file

RIFF Device Independent Bitmap

SGI Image

Sun Raster

Tag Image File Format (TIFF)

Targa image

Tiny Stuff image

VICAR image format

VTech V.Flash VTX image

WebP image

Windows Animated Cursor

Windows Bitmap Image (BMP)

Windows Cursor

Windows Icon Format

Windows Palette

WordPerfect Graphics (version 1)

WordPerfect Graphics (version 2 and higher)

X Bitmap format (XBM)

X Pixmap format (XPM)

X Window Dump image

Zoner BMI image

Image (Vector)

Amiga Metafile

AutoShade Rendering

BeagleWorks (later WordPerfect Works) Draw document

Claris Draw document

Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) Binary

Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) Character

Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) Clear Text


DeVice Independent file (DVI)

Encapsulated PostScript

Encapsulated PostScript (Preview)

Enhanced Metafile

Facility for Interactive Generation of figures (FIG) image format

Freehand MAC

GEM VDI Metafile image

Gerber image format

Google SketchUp

Harvard Graphics Chart

Harvard Graphics Configuration File

Harvard Graphics Palette

Harvard Graphics Symbol File

HP Graphics Language

HP Graphics Language (Plotter)

HP Printer Control Language

Intergraph Standard File Format (ISFF) V7 DGN (non-OLE)

Lasergraphics Language

Lotus PIC

MacDraw drawing

Microsoft Works for Mac, version 3 and 4, Draw document

MicroStation V8 DGN (OLE)

Mischief vector graphics image format

NOFF 3D Object File Format

ODF Chart

ODF Chart flat XML format

ODF Chart Template

ODF Formula flat XML format

Omni Graffle XML File

Open Inventor ASCII format

Open Inventor Binary format

OS/2 PM Metafile

Pixar RenderMan Interface Bytestream file


Precision Graphics Markup Language

Scalable Vector Graphics image

Simple Vector Format (SVF)

Star Office 4,5 Chart

Statsoft Statistica Graph File

Symantec GreatWorks Chart document

Symantec GreatWorks Draw document

Universal 3D file format

Visualization Toolkit VTK ASCII format

Visualization Toolkit VTK Binary format

Visualization Toolkit VTK XML format


Windows Metafile

Windows Metafile (no header)

Xara X Xar image format

Zoner Draw / Zoner Callisto Metafile (ZMF)


Adobe Premiere project format

Anfy (Java) Applet Generator file

Apache Avro binary format

Apple Binary Property List format

Apple Desktop Services Store file

Apple XML Property List format

Apple/NeXT typedstream data format

Applix Builder format

BitTorrent file format

Borland Turbo C project file

CodeWarrior C/C++ project

Creative Signal Processor codec

Delphi Diagram Portfolio file

Digital Media Project Content Format

Doom IWAD/PWAD format

ELF Core file

General Ogg Container format

General Regularly-distributed Information in Binary form GRIB format

GPG trust database format

Hierarchical Data Format HDF4

Hierarchical Data Format HDF5

International Color Consortium files

IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) format

Linux Device Tree Blob format

MAF Photo Player

Microsoft ActiveMime (mso) documents

Microsoft Answer Wizard file

Microsoft GraphEdit File format

Microsoft Office temporary owner file

Microsoft Office theme format

Microsoft Outlook 2002 Send-Receive Settings

Microsoft Outlook address file

Microsoft Outlook Personal Address Book (PAB)

Microsoft Publisher colour scheme

Microsoft System Deployment Image SDI format

Microsoft Systems Center Operation Manager (SCOM) management pack MPX format

Microsoft Visual InterDev web project items file

Microsoft Visual Studio incremental linker file

Microsoft Visual Studio solution user options (suo) file

Microsoft Windows binary resource file

Microsoft Windows Cardfile address book format

Microsoft Windows Imaging Format WIM

Microsoft Windows NT Event Log

Microsoft Windows Registry format

Microsoft Windows Vista Event Log

Mozilla XUL Fastload format

National Instruments LabVIEW file format

Netscape Address Book format

Network Common Data Form NetCDF format

ODF Extension format

Office 2007 document

OMA DRM Format

Open Artwork System Interchange Standard (OASIS) format

Qt binary translation file format

Rational Purify data file

Sereal data serialization format

Symantec GreatWorks Outline document

TCPdump packet stream capture savefile format

VICE (Versatile Commodore Emulator) format

VMware Virtual Disk Format 5.0

Windows Group

Windows shortcut file

XPConnect Typelib Format


Adobe Persuasion

Apple iWork 2013 Keynote format

Apple iWork Keynote format

Applix Graphics

Corel Presentations

Extensible Forms Description Language

Harvard Graphics

Lotus Freelance 96

Lotus Freelance 97

Lotus Freelance for DOS

Lotus Freelance for OS/2

Lotus Freelance for Windows

Microsoft PowerPoint 2000

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 XML

Microsoft PowerPoint 95

Microsoft PowerPoint 97

Microsoft PowerPoint MAC (up to version 4)

Microsoft PowerPoint PC (up to version 4)

Microsoft PPT Macro 2007 XML

ODF Presentation

ODF Presentation flat XML format

ODF Presentation Template

OpenDocument format (OpenOffice 1/StarOffice 6,7) Presentation XML

PalmOS Quickpoint document

Star Office 4,5 Impress Presentation

Uniform Office Format presentation

Uniform Office Format presentation, zip format

XMind document


Lotus Organizer documents

Lotus Organizer print/paper layout file

Lotus Organizer report document

Microsoft Project (up to version 3) activity file

Microsoft Project (up to version 3) calc file

Microsoft Project (up to version 3) resource file

Microsoft Project 2000

Microsoft Project 2007

Microsoft Project 4

Microsoft Project 4.1

Microsoft Project 98

Microsoft Project Exchange format

Milestone Document



ChemDraw CDX format

ChemDraw CDXML format

Chemical Markup Language (CML) XML format

CrystalMaker chemical format

GenBank DNA character sequence document

MSI Cerius chemical formula document

Source Code

ABAP Source Code

Agda Source Code

Alloy Source Code

AMPL Source Code

Apex Source Code

APL Source Code

AppleScript Binary Source Code

AppleScript Source Code

Arduino Source Code

AsciiDoc Source Code

ASN.1 Source Code

AspectJ Source Code

Assembly Code

ATS Source Code

Awk Source Code

BlitzMax Source Code

Bluespec Source Code

Brainf*ck Source Code

Brightscript Source Code

C Source Code

C# Source Code

C++ Source Code

CartoCSS Source Code

Cascading Style Sheet

Ceylon Source Code

Chapel Source Code

Clarion Source Code

Clean Source Code

CLIPS Source Code

Clojure Source Code

CMake Source Code

COBOL Source Code

CoffeeScript Source Code

Common Lisp Source Code

Component Pascal / Oberon Document file

Component Pascal Source Code

Cool Source Code

Coq Source Code

Creole Source Code

Crystal Source Code

Csound Document Source Code

Csound Source Code

Cuda Source Code

CWeb Source Code

D Source Code

Dart Source Code

DIGITAL Command Language Source Code


DTrace Source Code

E Source Code

eC Source Code

ECL Source Code

Eiffel Source Code

Elm Source Code

Emacs Lisp Source Code

EmberScript Source Code

Erlang Source Code

F# Source Code

Fantom Source Code

Forth Source Code

Fortran Source Code

FreeMarker Source Code

Frege Source Code

G-code Source Code

Game Maker Language Source Code

GAMS Source Code

GAP Source Code

GDScript Source Code

GLSL Source Code

Gnuplot Source Code

Go Source Code

Golo Source Code

Gosu Source Code

Gradle Source Code

GraphQL Source Code

Graphviz (DOT) Source Code

Groovy Source Code

Hack Source Code

Haml Source Code

Handlebars Source Code

Haskell Source Code

HLSL Source Code

Hy Source Code

IDL Source Code

Idris Source Code

IGOR Pro Source Code

Inform 7 Source Code

Initialization (INI) file

Ioke Source Code

Isabelle Source Code

J Source Code

Jasmin Source Code

Java Source Code

Javascript Source Code

Jolie Source Code

JSONiq Source Code

JSX Source Code

Julia Source Code

KiCad Layout Source Code

KiCad Schematic Source Code

Kotlin Source Code

Lasso Source Code

LFE Source Code

Limbo Source Code

LiveScript Source Code

LOLCODE Source Code

Lua Source Code

M Source Code


Markdown Source Code

Matlab Source Code

Max Source Code

MAXScript Source Code

Mercury Source Code

Modelica Source Code

Modula-2 Source Code

Monkey Source Code

Moocode Source Code

MS-DOS Batch File

NetLogo Source Code

NewLisp Source Code

Nginx Source Code

Nix Source Code

NL Source Code

NSIS Source Code

Nu Source Code

Objective-C Source Code

Objective-C++ Source Code

Objective-J Source Code

OCaml Source Code

OpenCL Source Code

OpenEdge ABL Source Code

OpenSCAD Source Code

Ox Source Code

Oxygene Source Code

Oz Source Code

Pan Source Code

Parrot Assembly Source Code

Pascal Source Code

PAWN Source Code

Perl Source Code

PHP Source Code

PicoLisp Source Code

Pike Source Code

PL/pgSQL Source Code

PLSQL Source Code

Pony Source Code

PowerShell Source Code

Processing Source Code

Prolog Source Code

Puppet Source Code

PureBasic Source Code

Python Source Code

QMake File

R Source Code

Racket Source Code

Ragel Source Code

RAML Source Code

Rascal Source Code

RDoc Source Code

Rebol Source Code

Red Source Code

Ren'Py Source Code

RenderScript Source Code

reStructuredText Source Code

REXX Source Code

Ring Source Code

RobotFramework Source Code

Ruby Source Code

Rust Source Code

SaltStack Source Code

SAS Source Code

Scala Source Code

Scheme Source Code

Scilab Source Code

Shell Script

Smalltalk Source Code

SPARQL format

SQL format

SQL PL Source Code

Squirrel Source Code

Stan Source Code

Standard ML Source Code

Stata Source Code

Stylus Source Code4

SuperCollider Source Code

Swift Source Code

SystemVerilog Source Code

TeX Typesetting File

Tool Command Language (Tcl) Source Code

Turing Source Code

Turtle Source Code

TXL Source Code

TypeScript Source Code

UrWeb Source Code

Verilog Source Code

Vim script File

Visual Basic Source Code

WebAssembly Source Code

WebIDL Source Code

Wolfram Mathematica Source Code

X10 Source Code

xBase Source Code

Xojo Source Code

XQuery Source Code

Xtend Source Code


YANG Source Code

Zephir Source Code


Ability Spreadsheet

Ability Spreadsheet later versions format

Apple iWork 2013 Numbers format

Apple iWork Numbers format

Applix Spreadsheets

BeagleWorks (later WordPerfect Works) Spreadsheet document

Corel Quattro Pro 9+ for Windows

CSV (Comma Separated Values)

Data Interchange Format (DIF)

Enable Spreadsheet

Informix SmartWare II spreadsheet

Lotus 1-2-3

Lotus 1-2-3 97

Lotus 1-2-3 Formatting

Lotus 1-2-3 Release 9

Lotus Symphony spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel (up to version 5)

Microsoft Excel (up to version 5) chart

Microsoft Excel (up to version 5) macro

Microsoft Excel 2000

Microsoft Excel 2003 XML

Microsoft Excel 2007 XML

Microsoft Excel 95

Microsoft Excel 97

Microsoft Excel Binary 2007

Microsoft Excel HTML format

Microsoft Excel Macro 2007 XML

Microsoft SYmbolic LinK (SYLK) format

Microsoft Works for Mac, version 3 and 4, Spreadsheet

Microsoft Works Spreadsheet for DOS

Microsoft Works Spreadsheet for MAC

Microsoft Works Spreadsheet for Windows

Multiplan (Mac)

Multiplan (PC)

ODF Spreadsheet

ODF Spreadsheet flat XML format

ODF Spreadsheet Template

OpenDocument format (OpenOffice 1/StarOffice 6,7) Spreadsheet XML

PalmOS Quicksheet document


Psion 3 Sheet spreadsheet

Psion EPOC Sheet spreadsheet

Quattro Pro for DOS

Quattro Pro for Windows

Sorcim SuperCalc spreadsheet

Star Office 4,5 Calc Spreadsheet

Statsoft Statistica Scrollsheet

Statsoft Statistica Spreadsheet

Symantec GreatWorks Spreadsheet document

Tab-separated values (TSV) file

UltraCalc spreadsheet

Uniform Office Format spreadsheet

Uniform Office Format spreadsheet, zip format

Uniplex Ucalc

Wingz spreadsheet


Adobe PostScript Printer Description file

Atom Syndication Format

BlackBerry Activation File

DCF Script


EBCDIC-encoded XML file

Extended or Custom XML

Folio Flat File


IBM 1403 Line Printer


Keyhole Markup Language

MediaWiki File

Microsoft Office Groove Format

Microsoft Outlook vCard file format

Netscape Bookmark File

Omni Outliner OPML File

Omni Outliner V3 File

Plain Text file

Psion EPOC TextEd file

RSS syndication XML format


Skype Log File

Unicode HTML

Unicode text file

Wireless Markup Language



Zipped Keyhole Markup Language


3GPP video

3GPP2 video

4X Movie File

Acorn RISC ARMovie video format

Adobe After Effects project

Adobe Flash Player protected video

Adobe Flash Player video

Advanced Systems Format (ASF)

AMV video

Animated Portable Network Graphics (Animated-PNG)

Apple ISO-BMFF QuickTime video

Apple MPEG-4 Part 14 video

Arxel CNM audio/video format

Autodesk Animator FLIC

Autodesk Animator Pro FLIC

BBC Dirac video format

Beam Software SIFF video

Bink audio/video container format

Bink Video 2 audio/video container

Bitmap Brothers JV video

Chinese AVS video format

Chinese MP4/MTV video

Convergent Design file

CRYO HNM4 video

CRYO HNM6 video

DeluxePaint animation

Digital Interface Format (DIF) DV video

Digital Video Broadcast format

DMB MAF video

DreamForge DFA FMV format

EGG video

Electronic Arts MAD video

Electronic Arts MPC video

ETV video

Flash video

FutureVision FST video

GameCube THP Video

General Exchange Format (GXF)

HHE video

Interplay MVE video format

IRIX Silicon Graphics moviemaker video

ISO-BMFF Dirac Wavelet compression

ISO-BMFF MPEG-4 with AVC extension

ISO/IEC MPEG-4 (ISO 14496) format

KDDI video

Leitch Exchange Format video (LXF)

Lotus ScreenCam

Macromedia Director

Macromedia Flash (.swf)

Maelstrom ANM animation

Material Exchange Format audio/video container format

Matroska video

Microsoft Agent Character file

Microsoft Xbox XMV video

Mobile QuickTime video

Motion JPEG 2000

MPEG JVT-NAL sequence H264 video

MPEG Movie

MPEG Sequence format

MPEG Transport Stream data

MPEG-2 Transport Stream video


MPEG-PS container with CDXA stream

Multiple-image Network Graphics

Nero MPEG-4 profile

Nero MPEG-4 profile with AVC extension

Nintendo DS DPG video format

Nintendo GameCube video

Novastorm Media video


Nullsoft Video format (NSV)

NuppelVideo file

NUT Open Container Format

NXV video

Ogg BBC Dirac video format

Ogg Daala video format

Ogg OGM video format

Ogg Theora Video format

On2 VP5 video

On2 VP6 video

Origin Wing Commander III MVE movie format

Phantom Cine video

PMP video

Psygnosis YOP video

QuickTime Movie, MPEG-4 audio

RealMedia Streaming Media

RealNetworks Internet Video Recording (IVR) file

REDCode video format

RIFF Multimedia Movie

RoQ video

Ross video

Runesoft DXA video

Samsung stereoscopic stream

Savage Warriors ANM animation

SDA SD Memory Card video

Sega FILM video format

Shockwave Stream audio/video

Sierra Video and Music Data format

Smush Animation Format (SAN)

Sony XAVC video

TechnoTrend PVA video

Time Shift Video (TSV) format

TiVo video

VGZ video

Video for Windows (AVI)

Vivo audio/video format

VTech MHP video format

Webex advanced network ARF recordings

Webex local WRF recordings

WebM video

Westwood Studios Vector Quantized Animation video

Wildfire YAFA animation

Windows Media Video Format (WMV)

Windows Television DVR format

XBV video

Word Processor

Ability Word Processor

Ability Write later versions format

AbiWord document

AbiWord template

Adobe PDF Forms Data Format

Adobe PDF XML Forms Data Format

Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)

Adobe Portfolio PDF File

Adobe XML Data Package format


Apple iBooks format

Apple iWork 2013 Pages format

Apple iWork Pages format

AppleWorks File

Applix Asterix

Applix Words

AT&T DjVu format

BeagleWorks (later WordPerfect Works) Word Processor document



Convergent Technologies DEF Comm. Format

CPT Corporation word processor

DCA-FFT (IBM Final Form)

DCA-RFT (IBM Revisable Form)


DG Common Data Stream (CDS)

Display Write

DocuWorks Format

DSA101 (Honeywell Bull)


Enable Word Processing

Extensible Data Format (XDF) XML format

Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) format

Hangul HWPX document

HP Word PC

HWP (Arae-Ah Hangul)

IBM Writing Assistant

ICHITARO (v4-10)

ICHITARO Compressed format

Informix SmartWare II word processor

Java Network Launching Protocol

Lotus Ami Pro

Lotus Ami Pro Style Sheet

Lotus Notes CDF

Lotus Word Pro 96

Lotus Word Pro 97

Lyrix Word Processing

Machine-Readable Cataloging (MARC) XML format

Macromedia Flash FLA Project File OLE format


MacWrite II


Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS) XML format

Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS) XML format

Metalink XML format

Microsoft Database Markup Language XML document

Microsoft FrontPage macro file format

Microsoft Pocket Word

Microsoft Windows Sticky Notes format

Microsoft Windows Write

Microsoft Word 2000

Microsoft Word 2003 XML

Microsoft Word 2007 XML - Docx

Microsoft Word 2007 XML - Flat XML

Microsoft Word 95

Microsoft Word 97

Microsoft Word for Macintosh (up to version 3)

Microsoft Word for Macintosh (version 4,5)

Microsoft Word for PC (up to version 6)

Microsoft Word for PC (up to version 6) Driver

Microsoft Word for PC (up to version 6) Glossary

Microsoft Word for PC (up to version 6) Miscellaneous File

Microsoft Word for PC (up to version 6) Style Sheet

Microsoft Word for Windows (up to version 6)

Microsoft Word HTML format

Microsoft Word Macro 2007 XML

Microsoft Word UNIX

Microsoft Works for Mac, version 3 and 4, Word Processor document

Microsoft Works Word Processor for DOS

Microsoft Works Word Processor for MAC

Microsoft Works Word Processor for Windows

Microsoft XML Paper Specification (XPS)

Mozilla XML User Interface Language (XUL) XML format


MultiMate Advantage

MultiMate Advantage Footnote File

MultiMate Advantage II

MultiMate Advantage II Footnote File

MultiMate Footnote File

Multiplus (AES)

MXML UI markup language XML format

Navy DIF (document interchange format)

NBI Async Archive Format

NBI Net Archive Format

Nixdorf COMET TOP Financial Accounting software


ODA / ODIF Q1 11

ODA / ODIF Q1 12

ODF Formula

ODF Formula Template

ODF Text

ODF Text flat XML format

ODF Text Master

ODF Text Template

ODF Text Web

Office Writer

OLIDIF (Olivetti)

OneNote Alternative Packaging Format

OneNote Note Format

OOutliner File

Open Document Architecture (ODA / ODIF) FOD26

Open Document Architecture (ODA / ODIF) FOD36

OpenDocument format (OpenOffice 1/StarOffice 6,7) Text XML

OpenDocument format (OpenOffice 1/StarOffice 6.7) Writer Master document XML

PalmOS BDicty document

PalmOS iSilo document

PalmOS Quickword document

PalmOS SuperMemo document

PalmOS Wordsmith document

Philips Script

Portable Game Notation chess format


Pronunciation Lexicon Specification (PLS) XML format

Psion 3 Word document

Psion EPOC Word document

Q & A for Windows

Q-One V1.93J

Q-One V2.0

Q&A for DOS

RDF/XML format

RealLegal E-Transcript File

Really Simple Discovery (RSD) XML format

Rich Text Format (RTF)


Samsung Electronics Jungum Global document

Scribe markup language and word processing system

Search/Retrieve via URL (SRU) XML format

SEG-Y Seismic Data format

SPARQL Query Results XML format

Speech Recognition Grammar Specification (SRGS) XML format

Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) XML format

Star Office 4,5 Writer Text

Symantec GreatWorks Word Processor document

Synchonized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) XML format

Synchronization Markup Language (SyncML) XML format

Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) XML format


Texas Instruments CCXML target configuration XML format

Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) XML format

Uniform Office Format document

Uniform Office Format document, zip format

Uniform Office Format word processing document

Uniform Office Format word processing document, zip format

Uniplex word processor


VoiceXML (VXML) XML format

Volkswriter word processor




Windows Journal format

Word Connection


WordMARC Composer

WordPerfect (version 5)

WordPerfect (version 6 and higher)

WordPerfect auxiliary file

WordPerfect Configuration File

WordPerfect Driver

WordPerfect Envoy

WordPerfect Hyphenation Dictionary

WordPerfect MAC

WordPerfect Macro

WordPerfect Miscellaneous File

WordPerfect Resource File

WordPerfect Spelling Dictionary

WordPerfect Thesaurus

WordPerfect VAX

WordPerfect version 4


WordStar 2000

WordStar for Windows file


WriteNow MAC

Xerox 860

Xerox Writer

XML Shareable Playlist Format (XSPF)

XYWrite / Nota Bene

YIN XML format