Netskope Help

Tenant Overview

The widgets on this page give you an overview of the traffic and performance of your tenant. There are two sets of widgets on this page. The top section provides a summary of the last 7 days and cannot be filtered. The Filtered Widgets section provides information based on the timeframe you select using the filters on top of the page.

Usage and session count

The top section of the page displays information about the data usage, session counts, Netskope POPs in use, Netskope Client versions in use, and number of active users.


The POP & Service Status map shows you all the Netskope POPs used by the tenant in the last 90 days, along with the near real-time status of all services in each POP.


Click on a green circle to view the status details of all your services.

The timeframe on these widgets is preset to show data for the last 7 days. Changing the Event Timestamp filter on top of the page does not affect the timeframe on these widgets.

Use the filters on top of the page to view data for a specific timeframe, Netskope POP, or Netskope Monitored app under Filtered Widgets.

Filtered Widgets

The widgets provide a view of latency and data usage using graphs. You can use the filters on top of the page to select an event timestamp, Netskope POP, and applications for which you want to view the data.


The Client to Netskope POP Latency widget shows you the average round trip time between the end user's device and the Netskope POP. It does not account for the processing time in the client or in the POP.

Similarly, the Netskope POP to App Latency widget shows you the average round trip time observed between the Netskope POP and the destination application. It does not account for the Netskope platform's processing time.

The Uploaded & Downloaded Bytes shows you the average number of bytes that are uploaded and downloaded by the end users. This graph can help you identify peak durations of network traffic. Using this data, you can monitor your network traffic for sudden spikes, or manage your infrastructure maintenance window during off-peak hours.

The POP Usage by User Count shows you the number of active users connected to a single POP on that day. You can view hourly data for today by setting the timeframe in the filter on top of the page.