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Troubleshooting Forensics Setup for Public Cloud

This topic provides common scenarios that you can troubleshoot when you set up Forensics for Public Cloud.

Error message when creating a Forensics Profile for Azure Blob Storage

When creating a Forensics Profile after you've enabled Forensics for Azure, you may see the following error message which could be due to inadequate permissions.

Storage account not valid for the instance of Azure Blob Storage

Follow these steps to troubleshoot this issue.

  1. Create an Azure service principal using the same APP_ID, PASSWORD, and TENANT_ID that were used when onboarding the Azure instance to Netskope. Run the following command in Azure CLI.

    az login --service-principal --username <APP_ID> --password <PASSWORD> --tenant <TENANT_ID>


  2. Verify that you can view the storage account defined in your Forensics profile, in your Azure subscription. Run the following command in Azure CLI.

    az storage account list