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Netskope Help

Upgrade the Virtual Appliance

The upgrade process depends on the current version of your Virtual Appliance (VA). Netskope supports upgrading the software for up to two versions ahead of the current version.

  1. In the appliance CLI, run show version-info to check the current version of your appliance.

  2. Run the following command to check for the list of available software from Netskope.

    upgrade software list

The following table provides the upgrade path to the latest software version.

Current version

Upgrade to version

Any version before 71.x






Before upgrading your appliance software, Netskope recommends that you save the existing configuration of your current appliance version by exporting the configuration. After upgrading your appliance software, if you want to revert to a previous version, you must install a new VA of the previous version, and import the configurations exported before the upgrade. This method of exporting and importing configuration to revert to a previous version can only be used to revert to versions 71.x or later.

To learn more:

If you want to revert to a version older than 71.x, you must install a new VA and manually reconfigure the appliance.