Netskope Help

Upgrade the Virtual Appliance

The upgrade process depends on the current version of your Virtual Appliance (VA). 

  1. In the appliance CLI, run show version-info to check the current version of your appliance.

  2. Run the following command to check for the list of available software from Netskope.

    upgrade software list


  • Netskope supports upgrades up to two versions ahead of the current version.

    For example, if you are using appliance version 50.x and the available upgrade versions are 53.x, 58.x, and 62.x, then you must first upgrade the appliance to 58.x before upgrading to 62.x.

  • Appliance versions older than 46.0.0 cannot be upgraded to 46.x and later. Instead, deploy a new VA by following the instructions to Install a Virtual Appliance.

  • Appliance versions 46.x and later cannot be reverted to versions older than 46.0.0.