Netskope Help

URL Lists

Custom URL lists offer flexibility to supersede the predefined Netskope URL category mapping for a given URL and/or augment them by defining custom URL categories for situations in which the Netskope predefined URL category does not have a mapping for a URL (uncategorized).

Before you begin, compile a list of URLs to include in a policy scan, and if needed, create another list of URLs to exclude from a policy scan. You can enter the URLs individually in the UI, create a CSV file with all the URLs, or use the REST API V2. Once you complete this step, you must create a custom category to apply in a policy.


URL List enhancements are applicable for Real-time Protection policies, SSL Decryption policies, steering exceptions, and REST API V2. Contact Support to enable these enhancements in your account.

To add a URL list:

  1. Go to Policies > Web > URL Lists.

  2. To add a new URL list, click New URL List.

  3. Enter a name for your URL list.

  4. Enter the URLs separated by a new line or upload a CSV file (max upload is 8 MB). URLs in the list must follow certain formats. Here are the formatting rules for URLs in this list:

    URL Format

    Matched URLs


    Not Supported**

    Not Supported


    Wildcard domains (e.g., * include the root domain and all subdomains.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Click Apply Changes.


    The REST API can be used to add to an existing URL list, but not create a new URL list. For more information, refer to Update a URL List.

  7. Optionally, if you have URL List enhancements enabled in your account, you will see the following window and options. Select URL Type > Exact Match or Regex. Admins can use regex-based URL matching in the URL List. The default behavior is 'Exact Match' URLs.

  8. Type the URLs separated by a new line (not comma separated) or upload a CSV file (max upload is 8 MB) and click Next.

  9. Enter a name for your URL list and click Save URL List.

  10. Click Apply Changes.

API Endpoints

The following API endpoints are available with REST API V2 for URL lists:


REST API V2 is part of the URL List enhancements, contact Support to enable this feature in your account.



GET /api/v2/policy/urllist

Gets all applied and pending URL lists

POST /api/v2/policy/urllist

Creates a new URL list

POST /api/v2/policy/urllist/file

Uploads multiple configurations via a JSON file

GET /api/v2/policy/urllist/{id}

Gets URL list by ID

PUT /api/v2/policy/urllist/{id}

Replaces a URL list configuration

DELETE /api/v2/policy/urllist/{id}

Deletes a URL list

PATCH /api/v2/policy/urllist/{id}/{action}

Patches a URL list

POST /api/v2/policy/urllist/deploy

Applies a pending URL list of changes


You can query the URL list followed by a field from a specific URL list. To query specific fields use the following query:


Available field / query parameters include:

  • Id

  • name

  • data

  • pending

  • modify_time

  • modify_type

  • modify_by