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This section of the API Data Protection Policy page specifies the users and groups that can trigger a policy violation.

  1. Select all users, a subset of users, user profiles, user groups. You can search for and select specific users, user profiles, user groups. A list displays when you search for a subset of users (plus folders of users), user profiles, user groups, subset of domains, and subset of team drives. If you select All Users, User Profiles, User Groups, additional options are available to exclude users, user profiles.

    The Exclude Users, Exclude User Profiles options are available for All Users, User Profiles, User Groups. The Exclude options excludes users’ files or files in user profiles from triggering a policy if the files are shared between the users in the exclusion list.


    User profiles must be added before they are listed here. To download a CSV file that contains your user profiles, go to Policies > Profiles > User, and then click New User Profile. Complete the steps in the Create User Profile wizard, and then select a user profile.


    To use the user groups option, you first need to install the Netskope Adapters Utility Tool. For more information, refer to Netskope Adapters.Netskope Adapters-OLD

  2. When finished, click Next.