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Netskope Help


The Netskope Client is one of the many deployment options available through the Netskope solution.

The Client is a lightweight installation and only steers the traffic to the Netskope tenant instance. There is no packet processing performed on the endpoint and is available for all popular operating systems:

  • Windows

  • Mac OS X

  • iOS

  • Android

Deploying the Netskope Client enables you to have visibility into all users, both on-premises and off-premises. You also have visibility into all applications, both sanctioned and unsanctioned applications. Browser traffic and native application traffic are all captured.

You can access a list of all your users with the Client installed by clicking Settings > Security Cloud Platform > Netskope Client > Users.

Adding Users

Add users by manually adding a comma-separated list or uploading a CSV file. By default an email invitation is sent to all new users once they are added.

Client Configuration

You can also perform the following functions for all your users.

  • Automatic upgrade of Clients

  • Allow disabling of Client

  • Hide Client icon on the system tray

  • Send Client status email alerts

  • Disable all Clients

  • Automatic uninstallation of Clients

  • Password protection for Client uninstallation and service stop.

  • Set admin password.