Netskope Cloud Exchange


New users can be added only by the Super Admin (user with the admin user name). There are two types of user roles:

  • Admin: An Admin has write level access to the application, and will be able to create configurations, upload plugins, configure sharing, and edit settings.

  • User: The read-only user will have limited access to the application, and will not be able to perform any edit or update actions on plugins and their configuration settings.

The Users page displays all the current users in a table. Users can be edited or deleted.


New users can be created by clicking the Add User icon in the upper right corner. Create a user by entering these parameters:

  • Username: Username associated with this account.

  • Password: Initial password for the user. User will be prompted to change password at the first login.

  • User Role: Two roles Admin and Read only can be assigned to the user.

  • API Access: Checkbox to give user API access and to generate API token.


When finished, click Save.