Verify the Netskope Adapters

Verify the Netskope Adapters

After configuring the Netskope Adapters, check to ensure the services have started.

  1. To verify that the services are running correctly (on a Windows system), go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools and double-click Services.

    If the Netskope Services fail to start, it may be due to an incorrect username/password. Make sure the correct username is configured following the format of <domain-name><username> and password. To check this, for example, double-click the Netskope AD Connector Service in the Services window and select the Log On tab. If needed, fix the account name format and restart the service.

  2. Check the log file for errors. Directory Importer and AD Connector logs are under C:UsersPublicNSADImportLog and NSADConnLog.

    There are two potential error types that can be encountered for AD Connector. One will indicate if any of the three required Windows Firewall Rules previously outlined are not enabled correctly on the Domain Controller. The other indicates the dedicated service account/user for AD Connector is not a member of the Event Log Readers group. (This is specifically related to AD Connector. Not DNS Connector or Directory Importer.

    Example Error if any of the 3 Windows Firewall Rules not enabled on the Domain Controller:

    12/24/2014 13:09:06.5074116 2492 Exception raised while reading the DC, skipping this DC 
    12/24/2014 13:09:06.5204116 2492 Exception Message: The RPC server isunavailable

    Example Error indicating the service account used for AD Connector is NOT a member of Event Log Readers group:

    12/24/2014 13:16:36.4089634 4016 Exception raised while reading the DC, skipping this DC
    12/24/2014 13:16:36.4089634 4016 Exception Message: Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation.

    DNS Logs appear in the Event Viewer under Applications and Services Logs > NS DNS Connector. If the logs do not appear, then one must log into the machine as the DNS user to see the logs. If the DNS user is part of the local administrator group, the logs will appear if you are logged on as a local administrator.

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Verify the Netskope Adapters

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