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Netskope Help

View Configured Threat Exchange Plugins

Both Admins and Users can view the list of configured plugins and the status.

  1. Go to Threat Exchange and click Plugins.

  2. A list of configured plugins is displayed in the Configured Plugins section. Each plugin configuration is displayed as a card. There can be multiple plugin configurations for each vendor, each performing a task (sharing IOC, filtering, pulling IOC from Threat Exchange) a different way to the same or different vendor systems.

The following details are displayed on each tile:

  • Logo of the plugin vendor.

  • Name: The configuration name provided while configuring that plugin.

  • Plugin Status: Enabled or Disabled. If it is actively polling, the word running will be shown next to the arrow.

  • Poll Interval: The interval between polls by Threat Exchange of the plugged-in system.

  • Last Run: The last time the plugin configuration was successfully executed. NA is displayed before the first TE poll using that particular plugin.