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Netskope Help

View Netskope SMTP Proxy Alerts

In addition to email notifications, you can view all the alerts generated by Netskope SMTP Proxy in your Netskope tenant.

  1. In the Netskope UI, navigate to Skope IT > Alerts.

  2. You can filter the alerts by specifying Microsoft Office 365 Exchange or Google Gmail in the Application Name filter.


    When using the "to_user" field in a query to filter alerts, use the "like" operator instead of "=" since the value of the "to_user" field relates to the SMTP header. The header contains a list of all recipients as compiled by the email client.

    If you want an exact match using the "=" operator for a single email address, use "smtp_to" field to query alerts.

  3. Click on View.png icon next to an alert to view the alert details. The alert details provide information such as the from and to email addresses, application instance ID, DLP profiles that matched the content of the email and more.


    Netskope DLP categorizes the body of the email as a text/plain file type under Alert Details because Outlook packages the email MIME as a container file.

    If the email contains attachments, then DLP determines the file type of the attachment.